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2000 Microman LED Power Series Exclusive
Toys R Us Exclusive Micro-Bikes Set - Hyper Speeder with Master Microman Laser Arthur and Tornado Bison with Laser Shakunetsu (8/2000)


MicroBikes comes in beautiful gold box with black and white pictures like all the previous LED/Magne Powers Toys R Us Exclusives.


Master Microman Laser Arthur

Master Arthur Energy Pack and weapons.

Laser Microman Shakunetsu

Laser Shakunetsu Energy Pack.  His backpack colors match his bike Tornado Bison instead of his armor.


Here is a close-up view of Shakunetsu helmet.  Laser Shakunetsu head is the same as the one on Magne Power version. Microman Shakunetsu head was design by a young Microman fan.


Takara repaint L-14 Mach Speeder and L-15 Road Bison (which were repaint of G2 Transformers Road Rocket and Road Pig) and offer them as Toys R Us Exclusives.  Hyper Speeder is a repaint of Mach Speeder and comes with Master Microman Laser Arthur (distinguish by his gold color head and pelvic) and Tornado Bison is a repaint of Road Bison and comes with Laser version of Microman Shakunetsu.


Hyper Speeder with Master Laser Arthur

I agree with Rik Ruff of Microman Megaplex, these guys look like a package of Lifesavers, Hyper Speeder is bright lemon yellow color and Tornado Bison is bright orange. Both Micro Bikes have green tint clear parts. The joints on both the MicroBikes and the Microman figures are much tighter than the L-14 & L-15 which is a very big improvement and it's nice to see Takara care enough to correct the problem.

Tornado Bison with Laser Shakunetsu

Master Microman Laser Arthur is in red clear red with yellow trim.  He has a gold head and gold pelvic.  The gold color head and pelvic seems to be an indication of Master Microman status. Master Arthur also comes with a set of LED Powers weapons and Magne Shields.  Laser Shakunetsu is clear yellow with reddish orange trim.  Microman Shakunetsu was a new character created by BomBom Comic last year.  His design came from combination of winning entries by Microman fans.  Last year Takara released Magne Power Shakunetsu as BomBom comic mail-away special.  (See also Magne Microman Shakunetsu). Laser Shakunetsu color scheme is similar to that of the Magne version.  Laser Shakunetsu however do not comes with matching Energy Backpack, instead he comes with clear orange Energy Pack that match his bike.

Hyper Speeder - transform mode

Hyper Speeder, like Mach Speeder, can transform into a mecha mode.  Also like Mach Speeder, Hyper Speeder light up mechanism was removed.  (Original Transformers toy had light up feature)  His LED Rotor weapon is clear green and so are the back-lit eyes.

Tornado Bison

Tornado Bison is also transformable into a mecha mode.  Again all the light up mechanism from Transformers toy was removed.   He also has clear green back-lit eyes and clear green LED Muffler weapon.