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2000 Replica Microman Series Exclusive
Toys R Us Exclusive - Cosmo Satan Arden Set A354 Dieger, A355 Burier & A356 Raiser (3/2000)


Front and back of ToysRUs exclusive Arden Set

Arden's accessories.  Cape insignia and Arden Chest Bomber.

A354 Dieger , A355 Burier & A356 Raiser

The first reissue Arden Set to be released is the exclusive ToysRUs three pack set which is a little unusual to be out before the original regular reissue Arden.  This probably because Takara could not decided what to do with the special color Arden to be included with the regular released up until recently.  The set was sold exclusively at ToysRUs stores in Japan and reported to be sold out within hours.