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  LED Powers Premiums
Perfect Shining Laser Dark  - Toys R Us Exclusive (1/1/01)


Perfect Shining Laser Dark came in similar blister card as L-27 to L-29 Perfect Shining figures.  The blister card artwork however is unique to this exclusive version.

Takara released this exclusive on 1/1/01 to commemorate the New Year and New Millennium, ironically this figure could be the last toy from LED Powers Microman series. 


Laser Dark came with complete set of Shining Tector in clear yellow.

Perfect Shining Laser Dark came with an exclusive mini-comic book.  The story appears to be taking place between event in Micro Rocket comic book and the Perfect Shining series comic books.

Perfect Shining Laser Dark

Perfect Shining Laser Dark is repaint of Microman Laser Dark that came with another Toys R Us exclusive - Dark Saber Micro Boy.  The figure is essentially the same, except the silver trim is now in gold color.  The figure came with clear yellow Tector Armors and matching clear yellow Energy Pack.   Laser Dark was an "renegade hero" type character. He was created from alter ego of Dr. Kohei - Dark K.

In this mini-comic book, Master Laser Arthur and Laser Shakunetsu were attack by two Machine Acroyers  (clones of Zenon).  The two clones were riding in DarkSaber MicroBoys.  (Note that all these toys were Toys R Us exclusives) Dark Laser then show up in his DarkTrailer.  (Smoke clear version of MicroTrailer which was a prize for Secret Breast Promotion campaign).  Laser Dark then blasted one of the clone with DarkTrailer guns.  He then mounted his Dark Saber and took on the other clone who was also riding in DarkSaber MicroBoy.   Their powers however prove to be too strong, Dark Laser then changed himself into Perfect Shining Mode and destroyed the clone.