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1999 Replica Microman Series

Microman Command 3 M17X Type - M171 Takuya, M172 Tetsuya, M173 Tatsuya & M174 Tsuyoshi (8/1999)



Takara included replica Command 3 clay statue capsule with each figure. The capsules came in matching colors.

Each figure came with replica Microman Command 3 Anti-Gravity Rocket Wings and Death Cutter Bracelets.

Takara released Replica Series Microman Command 3 M17X Type in August of 1999.  This marked the first time this particular Command type was re-issued.

Ever since Romando re-issued Command 1 and 2 back in 1996 during Microman Two-One series, collectors had been looking toward the re-release of Command 3.  Takara, overall, did a great job of replicating these figures.  The re-issue came from a brand new re-cast mold and not from the original mold like the previous two Commands.  The details matched closely to the original, though not an exact copy, these figures were closed replica versions.  The only problem was the head.  The original vintage version of Command 3 head was never as good as Command 1 and 2 when it came to details to begin with so the replica version suffered from the "smooth-out" effect and lost much of the details especially around the eyes.  This was too bad that Takara could not just remold a new head and improved on the original instead of casting the new mold from the vintage part.

While the head suffer slightly, the rest of the figure actually was an improvement of the original.  The replica Command 3 for some reason, posed and stood better than the original with less tendency of falling down.  One can do a lot of dynamic pose with these figures without the need of hand support.  It appeared Takara replica of Command 3, had better stability than the vintage version.

Takara would followed released of Command 3 with the even more anticipate Lady Command in November.  (These was also how these Command Series were released back in 1977 - Command 1 & 2 came out together round April of 1977 followed by Command 3 in August and then Lady Command in November of 1977.  This releasing pattern also explained much as to why the last two Command were much harder to find than the first two.)

(See also Micro Design 1977 Command 3 )

Command 3 Story 

Microman Command 1 initiated second investigation of ancient ruins to make the most of the new Command Cars.  They soon discovered new alpha H-7 radiation reaction.  The area was northeastern area of Japan.  Microman dispatched Transfer Fortress Mobile Base to the local sky.  There was earth movement and ancient clay statue emerged from the ground. Inside the statue was outline of a body cover in pale flame.  Microman aimed the portable Spectrum MX cannons on board Transfer Fortress at the statue.  New companion of Microman Commands emerged from the statue and call themselves Microman Command 3.


Command 3 Cross-section

1. Command 3 brain

2. Telepathy Amplifier

3. Super-scientific Micro-data circuitry

4. Photon Energy Beam

5 Anti-Gravity Rocket Wings

6.  Photon Energy Gathering Device

7. ??

8. ESP Device

9. Death Cutter Bracelets

10. Body Stabilizers


M171  Takuya - he is the leader of the group.  His brain contain the universal Super-scientific data circuit of Micro-earth.

M172  Tetsuya - has great knowledge of ancient Japan ruins and Microman activity in the past.

M172 Tetsuya was one of the only two mono-color body Microman released by Takara for the Original Series since the introduction of M10X.

M173 Tatsuya - his body contain super energy data circuit and he is active in the construction of power for Micro-Utopian.

M174 Tsuyoshi - research on theory regarding the origin of life and has great passion for preserving natural environment

Beside these four original Command 3 members, Takara also released M175 Toshiya (green and blue) and M170 Takeru (black and white) as part of the Replica Microman Series.