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microforever.com  MICRO-NEWS 4.06


Tom's Micro NEWS Report Column

Latest News and Rumor from Japan by Tomoyoshi Araki 4/06


Hello from Japan, here is monthly Micro report from Japan =)
This news is Micro, but this is BIG News =)

Takara release MicroSister Material Force and new Microman MF Tan color on April 1st. (I saw them on Mar. 29th but they could not be sold until April 1st). That's bad for me, already many trips to Toys R Us. =(

Microman Ryukendo and Tsukaima are out. They both look nice. Also out is Microman Votoms Scope-Dog. Very nice quality.

Okay, let's talk about Monthly Quanto Scan.

This issue we can see nice sample photo of  "Character competition's" winner Acro-Asura!

TOTALLY COOL! it looks like a silver metal but this is just color-effect. It's really amazing what Chinese factory can do now.

His face is looks like a Snake (from Metal Gear) =) Next issue, we get to see Hanna

Hanna and Asura set will coming up May, and yes it's going to be another Toys R Us exclusive.........

Also preview is the new MicroLady Material Force ver2.0.  The idea for this figure is "Anime shape" style.  The new body has 35 movable points and of course 3 different bust sizes.


Awesome, the series looks COOL.  Very nice coloring. Let me say "this is a true Japanese Microman". (ed. the characters are model after Japanese archetype)


His spider is named "Bloody Spider" , it will become his armor and iron claw. He is mechanical insect. for spy mission and assassin mission.
His sword named "Giga-same", "same" means rain in Japan. Giga-same means "Tons of Rain"
When he use iron claw (the metal spider's legs), kind of like Wolverine, it's call the "Kodoku 18 satsu", Kodoku means "Poison of Insect", 18 satsu means "18 kills". You can see Kanji character in his body, that is old talisman writting.


Medalg is back =)? He looks cool. Really amazing design.
His sword named "Mega-masa". If you look closely you can see crack in his sword, that is amazing detail.


A female Acroyear.  She is a magician. Her red fan is named "Tomurai Botan" it means "Mourn peony" it is cool weapons and very Japanese =)
Coarse oil paper umbrella is named "Cluster amaryllis" also cool Japanese name!

Upcoming Microman Assassin Force and Acroyear-XADO is very Japanese  looking Microman and Acroyear.
I think this series has very nice body color design, like big body artworks!

They will be coming up late of April 2006.

That is all for now. Until next time.

Domo Arigato - Tomoyoshi Araki.


 Pictures here are provided for microforever.com Please do not post them or pass them off to other news site without permission




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: NEW XADO and Assassin Force set of 6, $78
: TRU Exclusive MF/LMF/MS $7 each. I can get you any Material Force figure but Takara do rotate out the colors, so some might not be in production. Currently the only color not available is Dark Blue Microman Material Force.
: NEW Micro-Action series MAP-01 "Fyana with Gigirium Capsule"  $27
: NEW Micro-Lady/Acro-Lady set of 4 $56 (coming up late of August)
: NEW Micro-Action Superman set of 4 $48 (coming up late of June)

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Microman 2006 Microman Material Force Special New Year Edition Microman "Kotobuki" (1/2006)

Microman 2006 Microman Material Force Special Edition - Microman Crystal Custom Arms Parts Set(2/22/2006)

Microman 2006 Kiguru-Microman Series 2 - KM-04 Ricky as Gamera (original), KM-05 Vain as Gamera (new) and KM-01 B&W Version of Billy as Godzilla. (2/2006)

Microman 2006 Material Force Series - Microlady MF Cool Gray (S, M, L, L+) (2/2006)

Microman 2006 Microman Series TDP Exclusive Military Force Series Side : Acroyear (3/2006) Side : Microman (3/2006)

Microman 2006 Micro Action Series 1/18 Votoms Series Scopedog (3/2006)

Microman 2006 Micro Action Series Microman Ryukendo (3/2006)

Microman 2006 Material Force Series : Microsister Material Force Pink, White, Black & Flesh (S, M, L) (3/2006)

Microman 2006 Micro Action Series Microman Evangelion Plug-suit Versions (4/2006)

Microman 2006 Microman Assassin Force & Acroyear-XADO Series (4/2006)

Microman 2006 Microman Series Acro-Asura & MicroSister Hanna (5/2006)

Microman 2006 Micro Action Series - Superman (6/2006)

Microman 2006 Micro Sister UNI Series Aura & Croix (7/2006) - new spin-off series to capitalize on the "Pinky Street" craze.

Above - advertisement for the upcoming MicroSister UNI series


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