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Micro Showcase - Paul L>'s Office

Paul Lorphanpaibul's Micro Collection

Entrance to my Office ... I really actually find it very uncomfortable to show off my collection ... but many of my friends on the net always curious what my collection look like... so here it is ... Paul L>'s collection exposed!



The closet had been convert into display shelf ...they house mostly my old 12" Star Wars stuff.  Believe it or not it was the Star Wars toys that got me into collecting Microman again.  Most of the new Transformers toys are on the bottom shelves and floor (my kids play with them). Some Henshin Cyborgs on the right corner.


 This is probably my most favorite display case .. my collection of vintage Microman mecha!


 Magne & LED Powers toys took up one of the showcase top along the east wall.  Mostly the Robotman toys and some carded figures from the new line.

Most of my Microman and other toys are in my office at home.  They are pretty much surrounded my computer desk.  My house guests often have some kind of remarks about this room.  Guys usually think its cool and many remembered the Micronauts from their childhood, female guests on the other hand (mainly friends of my wife) think I need to seek counseling.

View of the room as you walk in ... You might notice the red Robocon & Transformers Go-Bot in the corner which look a bit out of place ... actually the Robocon came from Felix the first time I met him at the Shrine show and Go-Bot came from Rik Ruff as a Christmas Gift ... sometime I think these things are actually worth more to me than the rare toy in the show case.  



 Here is closer look at the north wall.  They are mostly Microman Replica in acrylic display cases.  Micro Force and Palisades 1.5 & 2.0 are on the book shelf which are mostly Microman manga and Microman-21 boxes.  (see the picture below)



 The west wall has mostly the vintage Microman figure in the acrylic cases.  The left side of the computer are MyClone and reissue Transformers toys. The small shelf unit you see on the left are Mech Warrior clix figures ... funny thing is that little shelf unit used to hold my entire collection of Microman.  On the far right you can see Microman puzzle hang on top of the computer monitor.


The east wall are three bookcases that house mostly vintage Microman toys ...only a lone Micronauts toy, a boxed Tron no less, is sitting behind the Connig Station (Astro Station) ... also a gift (this one from Dave Waugh of Inner Space.)  Various Transformers Convoy line up the top along with Magne & LED toys.  These cases also house some of the rarer stuff in my collection such as the Conning Tower that I got from my friend - Bryan Wilkinson and a mail-away vinyl Invader Z from another friend Jay Prasong  is in the far left bottom shelf along with various exclusive Henshin Cyborg toys and the vintage Cyborg Station.