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2002 Palisades Retro Micronauts

Series 0001 - Force Commander & Oberon

Palisades Fan Club Limited Exclusive (c.2002)


Palisades Fan Club Exclusive - Limited Edition Retro Force Commander.  Top to Bottom - white Force Commander, clear Force Commander and clear red Force Commander.  (Note - the white Force Commander was packaged by mistake inside a Baron Karza box)

Beside the small figures, Palisades also reissued Micronauts popular magnetic figure - Baron Karza and Force Commander.   These magnetic figures (known as "magno") were Mego creation that utilized the toys from Takara Magnemo series.  Both Karza and Force Commander along with their steeds came from Takara Magnemo toys that were based on Japanese TV show character Kotetsu Geag.   Retro Force Commander was originally slated as Toys R Us store exclusive but when the toy retailer rejected the line, it status became uncertain.   Palisades decided not to abandon Force Commander and released him as their own exclusive via Palisades Fan Club.  The set had very limited run and only about 65 cases of Force Commander toys were produced.  The case break-down for Force Commander was the same as Baron Karza with the following ratio of three white versions, two clear versions and one clear red version to a case (which made about 195 white Force Commanders, 130 clear and only 65 of the clear red version.)

"Burning" Force Commander & Oberon (clear red version)

Palisades Retro Force Commander came packaged with his horse Oberon.  The white version resembled the color scheme of the vintage toys but Oberon chest, tail and hooves got gold chrome plated treatment.  The clear version came with red trim and clear red version came with white trim.  Due to the limited run, Force Commander suffered from even higher percentage of problems than Baron Karza.  Beside the crack joints, missing and poor fitting parts, the white Oberon came with painted body parts (instead of molded white plastic), mismatch legs and broken joints.  This was very unfortunate since the Force Commander set were sold at a premium price directly from Palisades Fan Club.