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Neo Henshin Cyborg : King Walder

Walder Monsters: Skeleton King, Satan King, Plantman

Skeleton King

Satan King


Takara released second set of vinyl doll King Walder Monster for the Neo Cyborg line in late 1998.  King Walder Monster were originally sold as outfit for the original King Walder figures. The replica however are basically the same concept as the Walder Invaders, they are vinyl doll make to look like Henshin Cyborg King Walder.  Takara even make inner body organ and head.  If one were to cut the vinyl body one can used it to fit over the King Walder 2 body from the new Cyborg99 line and make them look just like outfit for the original. (The arms, feet and head fit perfectly on the KW2 body).

King Walder inner head.