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1982 Micro Robot

1982 New Microman Series

Micro Robot Series - Micro Robot 7 (c.1982)


Beside the big box set, Takara sold Micro Robot 7 as two separate toys - the "3-Walker" which consisted of R12, R13 and R14 and "tractor-like" vehicle along with exclusive orange color New Microman M002 Iriya and the "4-Walker" which consisted of R15, R16, R17 and R18 and a "hover jet" vehicle along with exclusive blue color New Microman M003 Uri. 

Exclusive Microman

Micro Robot 7 box set came with exclusive black color New Microman M004 Eiji.


3-Walker consisted of R12-R14 and the main body.  In this formation it look somewhat like Robotman in his "walking" mode, especially with these chrome "claw" attachments.


4-Walker consisted of R15-R18 conbined with the hover jet to form "exo-suit" .

Micro Robot 7 was the last of the new Micro Robot Series.  Micro Robot series was a sub group of New Microman line consisted of small scale robots that can transform into vehicles or weapons for the New Microman.  Micro Robot 7, like Micro Robot V, was a "combiner" toy.   As its name implied, Micro Robot 7 were seven Micro Robots (R12-R18) that combined to form battle suit for Microman.   The set was called 7-2-1 Formation because the toy transform from 7 Micro Robots to 2 separate battle vehicles and then into 1 big battle suit.   The box set was probably the largest and most expensive (then) toy in the New Microman series.  The set was not particularly rare and many "dead-stock" can often be found.

Micro Robot 7 "Battle Armored" Formation

Micro Robots 7 R12-R18.  From left to right - R15, R17, R12 (front), R13 (center), R18, R14 (front) and R16.  These little Micro Robots were definitely the forefather of the upcoming transformable toys that would become the Transformers.

Micro Robot 7





Micro Ranger

dark green body

left shoulder


Micro Centurion

light green body



Micro Guyana?

dark blue body

right shoulder


Micro Leone

red body

left arm


Micro Savanna

green body

right arm


Micro Toledo

dark blue body

left leg


Micro Pulsar

blue body

right leg shoulder

Microman Eiji piloted the "battle armored".  The influence of the 80's "mecha" and "armored suit" was quite appearance.  The toy had several spring-loaded missile launchers.   Micro Robot 7 marked the final "transformation" of Microman line from "Interchangeables" to "transformers".