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MicroRidor  (c.1982)

MicroRidor was released in 1981 as part of the New Microman.   MicroRidor, like other pieces in New Microman line at this time, starting to move along the new concept of self-transformation instead of interchangeble.  The toys are still compatible with original Microman but now can be converted to two or three different toys by themself.  MicroRidor is a bike that transform into a robot.  He was build by 004 Eiji to seek out the New Acroyear.  MicroRidor, like other New Microman toys, come in choice of color, in this case, a red or a blue with the opposite color figure of 004 Eiji.  This one is a blue MicroRidor with red 004 Eiji.  004 Eiji also came with two helmets (one for the rider and one for the passenger) however our is missing both the figures and the helmets.  The figure shown here came from the Armor Suit Galac Sniper that just happened to include the same figure.  Eiji is a new Microman version of Command 1 M15X.


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MicroRidor in Robot mode with 004 Eiji

The Robot chest and core is made of solid metal something that will soon become a thing of the past as more and more toys are fitted with plastics.

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MicroRidor in Bike mode (side view)

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MicroRidor and 004 Eiji

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Note: the side of MicroRidor legs open with a hidden missile launcher.