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Palisades Retro Micronauts

Micronauts Series 1.5 Palisades Store Exclusive Limited Edition (3/2003)


Retro Micronauts

Retro Micronauts Series 1



Time Traveler

Space Glider




Baron Karza & Andromeda

Series 1 Exclusive


GITD Time Traveler (10/02)

Dynamic Forces Exclusive


Gold Space Glider (12/02)

Hero Factory Exclusive


Bio-scan Membros (12/02)
Micropolis Embassy Exclusive 


Black Time Traveler (1/03)

Lee's Toy Review Exclusive


Force Commander (12/02)
Palisades Fan Club Exclusive

Gold Baron Karza (1/03)
Palisades Gift Set


Retro Micronauts Series 1.5


Palisades Store Exclusive

Time Traveler Medic

Radioactive Membros

Commander Space Glider

Prince Acroyear


Retro Micronauts Series 2





Galactic Defender



Red Falcon


Series 2 Exclusive


Emperor (8/03)

Palisades Store Exclusive


Gold Red Falcon (8/03)

Palisades ebay Exclusive


Retro Micronauts series 1 debuted with much controversy stemmed largely from the poor quality control that leave much of the line with high percentage of broken parts, poor paint job and shoddy construction. Palisades moved the production to a new facility and decided to release interim products using the mold from the first series.  The series was dubbed the "1.5" and was design to iron out the production problems and at the same time test the new factory.  Series 1.5 included the four small figures from the first series done in new color variations.  The series included repaint of Space Glider, Acroyear and Membros; and Time Traveler Medic, a figure based on Time Traveler body.  Series 1.5 were the products of close collaboration between Ken Lilly, Palisades Products Manager, and several members of Micropolis Embassy. The end result was a very collector oriented Micronauts series with color schemes and theme that echo much of the old vintage series toys. Palisades even commissioned long time Microman expert Bryan "MicroBry" Wilkinson to design a new accessory for the Time Traveler Medic and solicited inputs from prominent Micro-collectors such as Ray "AcroRay" Miller and Dave  Waugh of Innerspace On-line to ensure that final product would live up to fan's expectation.


Micronauts 1.5

Micronauts 1.5 were sold as a set of four and came package inside a brown packaging carton. There were four carton (set) to a case.  Only about 1500 set were produced which made it one of the more limited Micro toys to be released.


Time Traveler "Medic Pod"

The "Medic Pod" was designed by MicroBry and featured the familiar styles and designs of Astro Station's chamber and Microman's capsule. The pod doubled as operating table completed with 5mm peg to hold injure Micronauts or Microman in place. "The Medic Pod" was the closest thing to Microman capsule for Micronauts line, actually at one point the pod was design so that it can stand up-right like Microman Command capsule but this design feature was later abandoned.

Palisades finally ship Micronauts 1.5 in March of 2003.  The series had extremely limited run of only 1500 set and were sold only via Palisades fan club store and on-line store.  Series 1.5 proved to be what well made Micronauts should be and then some. The new figures were of extreme high qualities with superb paint jobs, high quality plastics and excellent overall construction. There were some minors issues such as Palisades decision to reverse the cuffs, the slight twist problem of Time Traveler Medic. However, the cuffs were easily reverse if one prefer them in the classic configuration (actually the new cuffs were easier to reverse than the first series).  Most other fit problems from the first series had been resolved or fixed. The packaging had been changed to the new red color and the blister had been redesign to hold the figure inside the trays instead of the twist ties used in the first series. Beside the quality and construction issues, series 1.5 also had color schemes that were much more true to the original line. Each figure came with clear figure stand instead of the black color stand found in the first series.

Series 1.5 included Radioactive Membros, Time Traveler Medic, Comic style Space Glider and Acroyear.  Radioactive Membros was a glow in the dark figure and he was the second choice for Micropolis Embassy Exclusive (Bio-scan Membros obviously was the first choice). Membros backpack had been fixed and fit properly into the 5mm socket. Time Traveler Medic was Time Traveler in red and white medical scheme. His design and concept fit well into both Microman and Micronauts due largely to MicroBry's designs.  Time Medic came with spare "O" rings, black hands, black feet and Medic Pod.  The figure came with brand new chest plate that reflected his "medic" status. Both Space Glider and Acroyears schemes were homage to Micronauts comic books. Acroyear came in his signature red and white scheme and look very much like vintage design. The fit problems had been fix for 1.5 and he can now easily transform into his flight mode.  Space Glider was painted with Commander Rann color schemes of yellow and blue (that also match well to Microman's Transfer Fortress). The figure was well constructed and had excellent paint job.  His body was done in metallic blue with yellow trims and he was the first Micronauts to come with painted face as a homage to the comic book character. All in all these were excellent products and very well made Micro toys.  It was too bad that this was not how Micronauts could had debuted with series 1. Series 1.5 can be order via Palisades On-line Store.