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1981 New Microman

1981 New Microman Series

Micro Robot Series - Micro Gander 3 (c.1981)



Micro Gander - 3 Box Set.  The set is one of the harder toys to find of all the toys from New Microman Series.  Takara also sold Micro Gander - 3 separately as three individual vehicles - Air Gander, Magma Gander and Cosmo Gander.  The single units were easier to find .

Cosmo Gander package. 


Micro Gander - 3 ship with M006 Kamui

Micro Gander - 3 came with the extra parts to make three separate Gunder vehicles.  When the Gander vehicles combine to form Micro Gander-3 robot, these extra parts can also be combine together to form Gander-3 ship.   This was quite a clever design by Takara since there are no left over parts.

Micro Gander - 3 Box set came with M006 Kamui (in his standard yellow/black color.)   M006 Kamui was also included with Magma Gander single unit set.  (M007 Kiruku came with Air Gander and M008 Cleo came with Cosmo Gander)

Micro Gander 3 resembled many of Takara Diaclone robot toys which came out around the same time.  The chest cannon can be rotate down.

Back view


Back view of Micro Gander - 3. Note the roller wheels and fire buttons for the feet missiles.

Micro Gander - 3 were among the earliest New Microman toys to be released by Takara after the cancellation of the original line.  Micro Gander (also spell Gunder), along with Micro Ridor were the forerunners of the new Micro Robot Series.  Micro Gunder - 3 was the first combiner robots for Microman series.  The robot consisted of three separate vehicles that can be combined to form one big robot much like the Getter Robo concept.  

Micro Gander - 3 robot

Micro Gunder - 3 stood about 8" tall or about the same size as Punch Robo.  Micro Gunder - 3 can separate into three vehicles - Air Gander, Magma Gander and Cosmo Gander.  The separations, like most early combiner and transformer toys, were not self-contains.  The vehicles required extra parts to complete the vehicle modes.   However, these extra parts when not in used can be combine together to form Micro Gunder 3 ship so there would be no parts left lying around when Micro Gander 3 transformed into a robot.

Cosmo Gander with M008 Cleo

Micro Gunder - 3 box set came with all the parts for the Gander vehicles and also M006 Kamui (M23X type Microman).  Micro Gunder - 3 was one of the harder New Microman toys to locate probably because Takara produced them in smaller numbers especially the box set.  Takara also sold Micro Gunder - 3 as a separate unit.  Cosmo Gunder (form the legs and feet part) was sold with M008 Cleo. Air Gunder (form the arms and back) was sold with M007 Kiruku and Magma Gunder (form the chest and head) was sold with M006 Kamui (same figure as the box set version).  The figures that included with Micro Gunder - 3 set and individual ships however do not have the chest sticker like the figures that were sold individually in the capsules. Each Gander vehicles also doubled as launching pad for Micro Robot 1-2-3.  A single Micro Robot (1-2-3) can be mount on to the Gander vehicle.

Air Gander with M007 Kiruku.

Micro Gunder - 3 came with spring-load firing fists and also missile firing in his chest and feet.  Takara included three set of missiles with the box set.  (For a total of nine missiles for kid to loose).

 Magma Gander with M006 Kamui.