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1981-1984 New Microman Series

MicroBorg : 01Cosmo Inazuma 02 Cosmo Plasma & 03 Cosmo Spark (c.1982)


MicroBorg packaging was typical of New Microman series with small window slit to show the figure.  The boxes were unique to each MicroBorg.


Each MicroBorg came with missile firing jet pack.

02 Cosmo Plasma (blue), 01 Cosmo Inazuma (red) and 03 Cosmo Spark (green)

MicroBorg series was released in 1982 as part of the New Microman Series.  MicroBorg was equivalent of the Titan Series from the Original Microman line.   Like Titan series, MicroBorg feature removable limbs, however instead of magnet (Magnemo 8) system, Takara replaced it with simple peg system.  Takara also attempted to combine Microman toys with that of the new emerging trend of plastic model kit toys.   Each MicroBorg came with model kit figure that can be painted for realistic look and can used as "interchangeable" parts with the MicroBorg.  The result however was less than spectacular and there was no other follow up series.

MicroBorg "kits" for Cosmo Plasma, Cosmo Inazuma and Cosmo Spark

Takara released three MicroBorg figures which follow the "formula" of red, blue and green colors often used in New Microman line for three members series.  MicroBorg, interestingly like the first series Titan, came with missiles firing cannon backpack.  Each figure also came with chrome gun.   MicroBorgs are about the same height as the Microman Punch and the later Titans which are taller than the standard Microman.   MicroBorg used the same design hands as Microman Punch figures.

MicroBorg Story

MicroBorg were once a normal Microman from MicroEarth but they were confined in different dimension space by Acroyear using the Dimension Generator they have stolen from Microman.   MicroBorg altered themselves into new type of cyborg by using the technology they acquired in the new dimension they were trapped in.  They managed to escape from the other dimension by using the triple warp beam to bend space and crated the spatial distortion at sector MPK-193.  The New Microman detected the anomaly so they went to investigated and found the three MicroBorgs emerged from the space warp.  MicroBorgs then joined New Microman in their fight against the Acroyears.

Cosmo Plasma - very decisive, was the leader during the battle with Acroyear.

Cosmo Inazuma - good mechanic and gifted in electronics.

Cosmo Spark - former pilot of Micro Air Force.