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Retro Micronauts Series 

Palisades Series 0001 Black Time Traveler - Lee's Toy Review Exclusive (1/2003)


Time Traveler

Retro Micronauts Series 1



Time Traveler

Space Glider




Baron Karza & Andromeda

Series 1 Exclusive


GITD Time Traveler (10/02)

Dynamic Forces Exclusive


Gold Space Glider (12/02)

Hero Factory Exclusive


Bio-scan Membros (12/02)
Micropolis Embassy Exclusive 


Black Time Traveler (1/03)

Lee's Toy Review Exclusive


Force Commander (12/02)
Palisades Fan Club Exclusive

Gold Baron Karza (1/03)
Palisades Gift Set


Retro Micronauts Series 1.5


Palisades Store Exclusive

Time Traveler Medic

Radioactive Membros

Commander Space Glider

Prince Acroyear


Retro Micronauts Series 2





Galactic Defender



Red Falcon


Series 2 Exclusive


Emperor (6/03)

Palisades Store Exclusive

Lee's Toy Review Exclusive Time Traveler was the last of the four exclusives series 1 small Micronauts figures to show up. Lee's Time Traveler was done completely in black plastic which make the figure appeared like a "prototype" test shot figure. (Interestingly the figure also look very similar to exclusive Microman M101 figure produced by Takara in 1977 as store promotion products). The Black Time Traveler were sold only as part of the subscription gift to those who buy a one year subscription to Lee's Toy Review magazine  The figures were limited to just 300 pieces.

Lee's Toy Review Magazine

Lee's Toy Review is a publication devoted to toys collecting


Micronauts Time Traveler


Micronauts Time Traveler was the earliest Micronauts figure produced by Mego.  The Time Traveler was probably one of the most recognizable figures in the line.  The figure original design came from the very first Microman series - Microman M10X type. Just as Mego version underwent some alteration from the original Microman design, the  Palisades' Retro version also underwent some changes such as better sculpt head and the addition of two new "cyber-modules".

 Lee's Black Time Traveler, like the Hero Factory Exclusive Space Glider, came in a small plastic bag. (Actually this particular one, the bag was wrap inside a front cover page of Lee's Toy Review Magazine) The figure came with black Retro Micronauts stand, five other Cyber-Modules (also cast in black plastic) and black "L" connector, all of which were  packed inside the same plastic bag.

Lee's Exclusive Time Traveler suffered from the same production problem as the others first series Retro Micronauts Time Traveler such as the twisted torso, backward cuffs and feet that cause the figure to lean backward.  However, the figure all black design made it a very nice addition even for the Time Traveler series which already had multitude of variants.