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LED Powers Premiums
Gold LaserArthur Microman Event Exclusive (1/30/2000)

Package & Paperwork

Gold LaserArthur come on the same blister card as the regular LaserArthur


Gold LaserArthur comes with gold color MagneShield and Red Brake and clear yellow PowerPack.

Front & back view of LED Powers Gold LaserArthur

Closed-up look at Gold LaserArthur

Takara made available special gold color version of LED Powers Microman LaserArthur at the 2000 Microman Event.   Gold LaserArthur come in regular LED powers blister card.   The figure comes with clear yellow (with gold speckle) Energy Pack and gold tone color weapon accessories.  The figure is basically a regular LaserArthur but with clear yellow body, yellow-gold trim and gold plated head, pelvic, legs and arms.   There are no report yet on how limited these figures are, but according to Mr. Sashida (of Ori-Tech) he report there were plenty to go around for all who attended the Event on Jan. 30, 2000.