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1999 Magne Power Microman Series
Demon Acroyer Series - 016 DemonRed, 017 DemonBlue, 018 DemonGreen (12/26/1998) 



Each Demon Acroyer came with matching color BB pellets for the ball-like fist.


Demon Acroyer 016 DemonRed

Along with the new Mange Power Microman, Takara released new version of Acroyear called Demon Acroyer.   Demon Acroyer design was clearly based on the original classic look of A30X Acroyear 1, from his signature ball-like fist, twin horn head and the bug like feet.   The body was constructed using Beast Wars design of ball and socket type joints.   There were three general released color variants for Demon Acroyer - 016 DemonRed, 017 DemonBlue and 018 DemonGreen.  Takara also released five more Demon Acroyers (DemonWhite, DemonBlack, DemonPink, DemonPurple and DemonYellow) as exclusive toys giving out at 1999 Tokyo Toy Festival to toys dealers.  (See also 1999 Tokyo Toy Fair Exclusive Demon Acroyers)

018 DemonGreen & 017 DemonBlue

Demon Acroyer was one the best design of all the figures from the first and second wave of Magne Powers Microman toys.  The new Acroyear figure while pay homage to the original line offer fresh new look and excellent articulations.  Each Demon Acroyer came with BB launching ball-like right fist and magnet hand on the left side.  Each figure also have chrome body cover by clear body armor and magnet inside the chest.  Demon Acroyer stands about 9 cm tall, slightly taller than Magne Microman.