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Palisades Retro Micronauts

Series 2 - Galactic Defender (7/03)


Retro Micronauts

Retro Micronauts Series 1



Time Traveler

Space Glider




Baron Karza & Andromeda

Series 1 Exclusive


GITD Time Traveler (10/02)

Dynamic Forces Exclusive


Gold Space Glider (12/02)

Hero Factory Exclusive


Bio-scan Membros (12/02)
Micropolis Embassy Exclusive 


Black Time Traveler (1/03)

Lee's Toy Review Exclusive


Force Commander (12/02)
Palisades Fan Club Exclusive

Gold Baron Karza (1/03)
Palisades Exclusive


Retro Micronauts Series 1.5


Palisades Store Exclusive

Time Traveler Medic

Radioactive Membros

Commander Space Glider

Prince Acroyear


Retro Micronauts Series 2





Galactic Defender



Red Falcon


Series 2 Exclusive


Emperor & Megas (8/03)

Palisades Club Exclusive


Gold Red Falcon (8/03)
Palisades Auction Exclusive

Palisades Retro Micronauts series 2 were released in July of 2003. The second series consisted of four different small figures and two larger magno figures. The small scale figure in series 2 included Pharoid, Galactic Defender, Repto and Centaurus.  Like series 1, each figures came with all new accessories design by Microman/Micronauts collectors for Palisades.  Series 2 were produces by the same factory that produced series 1.5 and these were definitely a giant improvement over the series 1 toys. There were some minor issues but nothing that really would have detracted from the overall fine quality of these products.  Also the color schemes for series 2 were much more in-tune with the vintage toys, thanks to the hard work of Palisades consulting group. Micronauts 2.0 were produced in extremely limited quantities from the case numbering, it appeared that less than 1500 set of these figures were made by Palisades. The toys were sold mainly through on-line outlet and in limited numbers via brick and mortar store such as Sun Coast video store and Sam Goody music store. It was quite unfortunate that these fine Micronauts products would actually get less exposure and smaller run this time around.

Smoke Clear & Black Galactic Defender




 Retro Micronauts Galactic Defender came on green Palisades Micronauts cards with beautiful artwork sticker insert by Dave Dorman.


Galactic Defender (Green version)

Retro Micronauts Galactic Defender (blue version)


 The original Mego Galactic Defender figure was based loosely on Microman Command 3 with the Hood-helmet modified from the Hoodman series.  Series 2 Galactic Defender by Palisades were based on Mego modification.  Retro Galactic Defender came in four all new color variants - dark green with clear helmet, dark blue with red helmet, smoke clear with clear helmet and black with smoke clear helmet. Beside the all new color schemes, Galactic Defender got a brand new wing-pack design by Micro Bry. The wing pack had very nice design but I found them to be a bit too big for the slim Command 3-style body and a little too bulky in shape. The new wing however had extended 5mm peg that fit through the hood helmet and fit securely into the 5mm port on the back of the figure. Galactic Defender came with vintage style sword and laser gun. Each figure also came with clear figure stand.

Palisades Galactic Defender sculpt was based on Mego version. The details were very good, and the only part that suffered from some alteration was the rocket leg-wing.  The only problem that plaque this version of Galactic Defender was the poor "torso-to-body: fit.  The figures suffered from floppy legs-syndrome, but this appear to be caused by the figure being assemble incorrectly by the factory. This can be easily fix by removing the back screw and re-assemble the figure with the "O" ring hook to the back part of the body then secure it with the arms assembly tube.  The figure also suffer severe body twist, this could also be fix by reversing the "J" metal hook which seem to help lessen the twist.  And last easy fix was reversing the leg anklet pieces to correct position (the factory assemble the anklet parts backward which caused the figure to lean forward when standing up.) In the age of simple static "action-figure", the multi-pieces, ultra-intricate, and assembly-intensive twenty years old toy design like the Micronauts must prove to be quite a challenge for modern day factory.

New Super Rocket Pack