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  LED Powers Premiums
Dark Saber Micro Boy with Laser Dark Microman - Toys R Us Exclusive (4/2000)


Dark Saber come in a beautiful gold & black Micro Boy box. (Similar to Exclusive Dean & Endeavor Set)


Microman DarkLaser

DarkLaser's HyperSack

DarkLaser's Z-Calibur & MangeShield.

Sticker & Catalog

Dark Saber came with a chrome sticker sheet same as the regular Micro Boys and LED Powers Catalog #2.


MicroBoy in Microman Armor Battle Suit Mode.  He look very nice with his black armored face-plate highlight with metallic red trim.

DarkSaber is the second variant color exclusive MicroBoy for LED Powers line.  (The first one is GreenArrow - a BomBom Prize Exclusive).  DarkSaber is a smoke color MicroBoy that come with smoke and black version of LaserZed-Arthur call DarkLaser.  DarkLaser is not Zed nor Arthur but actually a "darkside" Microman created by Dark-K an alter ego of Professor K (Kohei, not Akira Katagai).   I assume he is sort of like anti-hero version of LaserMicroman.

Micro Boy disguises as a Game Boy unit.

DarkSaber was sold as ToysRUs exclusive toys.  The toy is identical to that of SwordPurple but with smoke clear color.   The toy come package in a beautiful gold color MicroBoy box.   DarkLaser Microman is a smoke color LaserMicroman with black trim.  He come with clear green Z-Calibur and MagneShield.   DarkLaser looks like a medieval black knight with his gold dragon helmet and black color armor.  Below is a super close-up view of DarkLaser.