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Palisades Retro Micronauts

Series 2 - Centaurus (7/03)


Retro Micronauts

Retro Micronauts Series 1



Time Traveler

Space Glider




Baron Karza & Andromeda

Series 1 Exclusive


GITD Time Traveler (10/02)

Dynamic Forces Exclusive


Gold Space Glider (12/02)

Hero Factory Exclusive


Bio-scan Membros (12/02)
Micropolis Embassy Exclusive 


Black Time Traveler (1/03)

Lee's Toy Review Exclusive


Force Commander (12/02)
Palisades Fan Club Exclusive

Gold Baron Karza (1/03)
Palisades Exclusive


Retro Micronauts Series 1.5


Palisades Store Exclusive

Time Traveler Medic

Radioactive Membros

Commander Space Glider

Prince Acroyear


Retro Micronauts Series 2





Galactic Defender



Red Falcon


Series 2 Exclusive


Emperor (8/03)

Palisades Store Exclusive


Gold Red Falcon (8/03)
Palisades Auction Exclusive

Palisades Retro Micronauts series 2 were released in July of 2003. The second series consisted of four different small figures and two larger magno figures. The small scale figure in series 2 included Pharoid, Galactic Defender, Repto and Centaurus.  Like series 1, each figures came with all new accessories design by Microman/Micronauts collectors for Palisades.  Series 2 were produces by the same factory that produced series 1.5 and these were definitely a giant improvement over the series 1 toys. There were some minor issues but nothing that really would have detracted from the overall fine quality of these products.  Also the color schemes for series 2 were much more in-tune with the vintage toys, thanks to the hard work of Palisades consulting group. Micronauts 2.0 were produced in extremely limited quantities from the case numbering, it appeared that less than 1500 set of these figures were made by Palisades. The toys were sold mainly through on-line outlet and in limited numbers via brick and mortar store such as Sun Coast video store and Sam Goody music store. It was quite unfortunate that these fine Micronauts products would actually get less exposure and smaller run this time around.

Centaurus (vintage colors version)




 Retro Micronauts Centaurus came on green Palisades Micronauts cards with beautiful artwork sticker insert by Dave Dorman.


Clear red Centaurus


Retro Micronauts Centaurus (Clear yellow & Purple versions)


New saddle accessory 

 Centaurus was one of the six Micronauts aliens released by Mego toward the end of the original series. The aliens were Mego own creations and did not come from Microman line. Centaurus was part of the second rarer Micronauts aliens. The second series only saw limited released in the US before Mego went bankrupt in early 1980's. Centaurus was slightly unusual for a Micro-toys with his quad design. Palisades Centaurus was an excellent reproduction of the original toy. There were four color variants for Centaurus - original vintage color scheme (but with red mane as a tribute to original artwork by Ken Kelly), purple with black body, clear yellow body and a striking clear red body. As with other Retro Micronauts, Centaurus came with two new accessories, a bridle-like gas mask and a saddle to complement his equestrian appearance. Both accessories were design by Ken Lilly and Bryan Wilkinson. The saddle had 5mm port on top and 2.5 mm port on each side. The 2.5 ports can be used for attaching wings from the new Palisades Pharoid and gave Centaurus a Pegasus-like wings. Each figure also came with a clear stand but it do not fit his hooves (just think of it as a bonus stand for other figure).

Palisades Centaurus sculpt was based on vintage  Mego toy and the details were very nice and sharp. The fit was excellent and all of his accessories all fit snugly. The only problem seem to be the slightly loose legs-to-torso joints but this appeared to be design artifact from the original. The figure however can stand quite well in most poses (thanks to his four legs). While I have to admit that I was not a big fan of Mego aliens series, Centaurus was one of the two aliens I really like. (The other favorite one was Repto) Palisades Centaurus not only gave collectors a chance to own one of the harder to find Micronauts figures but also gave this unusual Micro-figure new variants with the new accessories and new color schemes. It was unfortunate that we would not get the rest of the aliens series reproduced because the Retro Micronauts line had been put on indefinite hiatus by Palisades.

Centaurus' new gas mask.  The mask was made from soft vinyl and fit snugly over the head and around his mane-like brain.