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1981-84 New Microman Series

Armored Suit DX - BulSonic  (c.1982)


BulSonic toy was packaged in typical blue New Microman style box with small windows to distinguish the toy variants inside.  The box, like other New Microman package, had beautiful box art drawings of the toys.

The toys came package in styrofoam inserts.  (Shown above is the Real Type BulSonic.)


M009 Kenji Yellow came with Blue Type version of Armored Suit DX Bulsonic

Left: yellow M009 Kenji; Right M274 Carlton 

Yellow M009 was a different figure from M274 Carlton.  I had previously thought they were the same figures until I discovered a lighter yellow color M27X.  According to Takara reissued of M274 the light yellow was M274 and the darker yellow color (similar to M262 Adam) was M009. (M274 Kenji had the same light yellow as the yellow color on M282 Ryan and the recently released M257 Charles from 1999 Replica Microman series).

Blue M009 Kenji was packaged with Red Type BulSonic. 

Real Type BulSonic came package with dark green M009 Kenji.  This was the same figure that was sold individually with the capsule but the pack-in figure did not have the sticker badge.

M009 came with the chrome "Pulse Gun" accessory.

Armored Suit DX BulSonic was the third type of armored suit toys released by Takara for New Microman Series.  BulSonic was the largest of the Microman armored suits and was released as companion piece to Armored Machine - Cosmic Fighter.  The suit is not very big (about 6" tall) but it is very impressive looking.  The suit has clear face and chest armor.   BulSonic also can transform into a jet fighter.

Armored Suit DX - BulSonic (Blue Type)

BulSonic in plane mode

Takara released three versions of BulSonic - Blue Type, Red Type and Real Type.  Blue Type is the one shown here, Red Type has the reverse color scheme of the blue version and Real Type has dark green color.  Blue Type BulSonic came with exclusive yellow and black M009 Kenji, Red Type came with purple-blue M009 and Real Type came with dark green M009 .   BulSonic and its companion Cosmic Fighter are probably some of the best toys coming out of the New Microman series. (See Also New Microman - Armored Machine Cosmic Fighter)

BulSonic combines with Cosmic Fighter.

Remodeling Project


Remodeling Project parts.  Left is Takara "remodeling" version of BulSonic.

BulSonic, like several other New Microman toys, came with plastic model-kit parts so one can used it as a custom kit.  (The parts are the landing gears for BulSonic when in jet mode and an extra weapon) Takara attempted to market Microman toys to older fans and encourage them to "kit-bash" Microman toys and repainted them into realistic looking war machines. (A concept that was very popular at the time) Takara provided several "samples"  of these customized Microman toys on the package.  Takara called  these customized toys as Microman "Remodeling Projects".