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Front and back view of BuildBase.  The base can be folded up into a carring case.

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Closed up view of the window section.

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Closed up view of the sentry station.    When a Microman's equipped with PoliceKeeper backpack is seated on sentry station, it turn on Build Base motor and turn the radar section,  the pulley wheel and the command chairs inside the base itself.

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BuildBase comes with a self defense turret M15 with the latest in targeting unit Y-7 model.    Microman can be place in the fire control station.   The turret can be swirl and it shoot  a yellow dart missile.

Microman PoliceKeeper BuildBase (c.1978)

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BuildBase Package Box.

Microman BuildBase is the largest of all the Microman bases.   The BuildBase used the same building piece design as the Micronauts City Series.  A recent research by Micronauts collectors show the patent on the Micronauts city actually belonging to Takara.    Interestingly, in many prototype pictures and early design, the BuildBase incorporate much of the Micronauts City section such as the MegaCity parts which were shown connected to the main section of the BuildBase.   Perhaps Takara intended to release add-on sets for the Build Base but the project was most likely cancel due to poor sale..  (We know how well the City series did in the US).   The prototype design also show a much more elaborate base with details interior and elevator lift similar to Surveryor-3 base.   The mock up prototype however was shown using the elevator part from Road-Station (Stratrastation) this was later replaced by the rubber band pulleys in the production model.  Takara did released several add-on toys for the BuildBase call PlayBuild which consisted of BuildLancer, Build Bazooka and Build Crane.      By combining the BuildBase with Micronauts City parts one can really make a big and elaborate Microman base or even a Microman Metropolis!

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M231 is wondering if he should entrusted the repair job to a bunch of Microman upstarts.   MagneArthur try to assure him that future of Micro is in good hands.

Build Base comes equip with a big crane unit.  (the crane is fairly strong and lift up even a big part like the SpeedJumper ejection seat.)

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On each side of the base are the secret doors to enter the base interior section.


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