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Build Base Interior Section


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wpeA4.jpg (24025 bytes)

Top section (front panel).   The twin seats are very small and will only accomodate smaller figure like the MicroHoodman or the new MagnePower.

wpeA8.jpg (19359 bytes)

Inner section (Upper left).   Again the small seats were made for the Hoodman.   This look like a Planning room & Study area.

wpeAB.jpg (20502 bytes)

Inner section (Upper right).   This is the Command Room.    The chairs turn when the radar is operated (by the sentry Microman sitting on the outside).

wpeAC.jpg (22803 bytes)

The pulleys also operate by the sentry section.    The device is design for training Microman.    The figure is attach to the rubber band by a small 5mm tab.

wpeA6.jpg (20644 bytes)

Lower section (front panel).    The panel interior sections have several 5mm holes and pegs plus two retangle holes for the BuildBase or Micronauts City beams/poles.

wpeA9.jpg (20118 bytes)

Inner section (Lower left).   This section appears to be a Data Analysis & Computer Room.

wpeAA.jpg (20540 bytes)

Inner section (Lower right)   This section look like a Ready Room it come complete with launching pad and a door access  to the repair facility to the right. (Crane section).

wpeAF.jpg (20683 bytes)

The BuildBase also comes with an escape ramp.   The ramp can be used to launch Microman as an escape chute or to send out the BuildLancer or even the Titan Command cars.

wpeB0.jpg (17828 bytes)

BuildBase also came with several rectangle pieces and connectors that can be used to add on to the Base.    It also come with the first Microman PlayMook, sticker sheet, and instruction sheet.    The Mook is a full color 8X14 book that show several ideas of what you can do with Microman toys and also a complete catalog of Microman figures from M10X up to the PoliceKeeper.