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Micro Heritage - Astro Midget

Bandai Full Action Series - Beta Midget 1.0 (4/02) 






Beta Midgets

Salamander Type 1 (Fire)

Sylph Type 1 (Wind)

Gnome Type 1 (Land)

Beta Midget was new series of action-figures toys design by Mr. Enari who was the person behind MAFF group. (A Microman fan-base group that produced comic books & RPG books base on Microman line).  Beta Midget was based on Enari's Astro Midget lore. The first series of figures consisted of three Beta Midget figures and three armor "Jackets" sold inside gumball vending machine. The figures were about 11cm tall (slightly taller than standard 10cm Microman figure) with fully articulate bodies.

The influence of Microman on Beta Midget story was unmistakable from the small 1:1 size of the characters (Astro Midget were suppose to be some kind of cybernetic fairy-like creatures) to the 5mm-like ports and "simulated" chrome heads.  The figures were made from plastic while the armor "Jackets" were made from clear PVC.  The jackets came with support hanger unit that transform the jackets into vehicles while not being used..

Gnome with Torque Jacket

Beta Midget series one contained three figures (Salamander, Sylph & Gnome) and three Jackets (Burn, Crusta & Torque).  There also chase Mystery figures with alternate color scheme.  The first series (version 1.0) suffered from defective plastic and the plastic began to break down (especially in hot temperature) after short period. Bandai released Version 1.5 which were color variants of Version 1.0 but with improve plastics.

Beta Midget figures have excellent articulations and multiple 2.5 mm ports for "Jacket" parts.  The figures even have Microman hallmark 5mm port in the back and legs.  (The back 5mm port was quite shallow, it probably was put there as tribute to Microman series and not a real functional 5mm port).  It always interesting to see Bandai produced Microman-like toys.

Back view of Type 1 Beta Midget