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1999 Magne Power Microman Series

Micro Machine Series - 012 Beat Loader with Magne Power Microman Keith (1/23/1999)


Beat Loader came package in giant blister card.  The card design was the same as the rest of the Magne series - a red color card with a hand holding the Microman figure.


Beat Loader base disguised as soda can (called Beat Squash Hard Soda)


012 came with exclusive version of Magne Microman named Keith.

Takara released the first series of vehicles for Magne Power line in January of 1999, one month after the launch of the line.  The line was call "Micro Machine" as a homage to the original Micro Machine line from the original series.  There would only be three new Micro Machines released for Magne Power line.  

The new Micro Machines series for Magne Power line were series of vehicles that hidden inside food container.  012 Beat Loader was a mole unit that hide inside a soda can.  The vehicle can transform into a vehicle for Microman to ride and the soda can open up to reveal secret base.  Beat Loader came with exclusive color Magne Power Microman figures - Magne Keith.   Keith was a black and clear orange Magne Microman with Ultraman Astra-like helmet.  Beat Loader was also compatible with the Magne Robotman.  The vehicle can be split in half and acted as roller skates for the Robotman.

012 Beat Loader with the soda can base