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1982 Micro Robot New Microman - Armored Suit Series
Armored Suit #1 Galac Sniper and Armored Suit #2 Double Cannon (c.1982)


Galac Sniper Box

Double Cannon Box

Armored Suits 1 & 2 came package in a typical New Microman style box with beautiful artwork rendition of the Armored Suit.  Both color variants of Galac Sniper and Double Cannon used the same box.

Catalog & Instruction

Armored Suits came with New Microman catalog and instructions.  The toys also included a clear sticker sheet.

Figure & Accessory

Galac Sniper came with two variations of M004 Eiji - blue Galac Sniper came with dark maroon red and black Eiji while the red Galac Sniper came with a very dark navy blue and white M004 Eiji.

M004 Eiji (blue Galac Sniper)

M004 Eiji (red Galac Sniper)

Galac Sniper also came with Anti-Repulsion wings for Eiji.

M006 Oruga (blue Double Cannon)

Double Cannon came with two color variations of M005 Oruga.  Blue Type Double Cannon came with dark red and black M005 (similar to M171) and Red Double Cannon came with dark blue and white version.  The toy also included Command 3 Death-Cutter Bracelets and Anti-Gravity Rockets. 

M005 Oruga's Death Cutter Bracelet and Anti-Gravity Rockets.

Takara released several armored suit type toys for the New Microman line - the three small suits call Mighty Suits, the medium size one call Armored Suit 1 & 2, the real type model kit Bio-Mechanic Suits and the large size Armored Suit DX which also come with a vehicle counterpart call Armored Machine.   The reasons for all the armored suit is simply because this was a new popular trend at the time due to show like Henshin Cycle Mospeda (the third part of US Robotech series), and Dougram.

Armored Suit 1 Galac Snipers - Blue Type and Red Type 

Takara released two design versions of the Armored Suit - the first one was call Galac Sniper which came with M004 Eiji (Command 1 type), and the second one was Double Gannon which come with M005 Oruga (Command 3 type).  There were also two color variants for each Armored Suit - red version and blue version.  Each version come with the opposite color Microman figures.

Both Armored Suit is pretty simple and have very limited articulation.  The Armored Suit, like most of the New Microman toys, can transform into vehicle mode. (The Armored Suits have rolling wheels underneath the feet).  Both suits come with spring load fists that can be swap with two types of chrome missiles.

Red Type Galac Sniper in tank mode.

While Takara did show Remodeling Project version of Galac Sniper and Double Gannon on the back of the package, they never actually released the Remodeling kit version of these two Armored Suits.  (Remodeling Project was an attempt by Takara to turn New Microman into model type toys that can be paint for realistic look.  The only Remodeling Project toys that actually released by Takara were the three Mighty Suit).   It is unclear weather Takara intends kids to actually kit bash the toys (which would really involve a lot of cutting and modification since the legs portion of Armored Suits toys are not articulate and are molded in one piece) or they intended to released kit versions of the Armored Suits.   Remodeling Project would later got terminated in favor of totally new line, albeit shot live, call Real Type Microman.

Armored Suit #2 Double Cannon - Blue Type

Regardless what was Takara intentions for Armored Suit, they did included several add-on pieces that must be glue on to the Armored Suit in model kit like fashion to give the toy more "realistic" look.  The Armored Suit clearly demonstrated how unsure Takara were about which direction to take the New Microman line.  Their first hybrid model-toy type, the MicroBorg, received just lukewarm interest and these Armored Suits probably did not fare much better under the onslaught of new type of "toys" mania call hobby kits.

Double Cannon in tank mode.

Microman Armored Suit Story

Armored Suit 1 & 2 were build by M004 Eiji & M005 Oruga with an aid from the newly arrived MicroBorg using the "Borg" technology they discovered while they were trap in Cosmo Dimension.