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1999 Magne Powers Series

AcroMonsters - 022 Vampiser , 023 Hellpion & 024 Iguanite (12/26/99)


AcroMonsters came package in similar style blister card as the rest of the first wave Magne Powers line.  Takara also sold AcroMonsters as a box-set which contained all three figures.


Each AcroMonster can be self-transformation or use as a combiner.  Above is Iguanite playing Godzilla.


Each AcroMonster can also act as transport for DemonAcroyer.  Vampiser chest opened and became a seat for Acroyer figure while Hellpion and Iguanite have a 5mm peg on their chest.


AcroMonsters were released as Acroyer counterpart to Microman Robotman.  Takara released three AcroMonster during the first wave of Mange Powers series.  AcroMonsters are just as their name imply the evil monster summoned from dept of hell by King of Acroyers to help DemonAcroyers in their fight against Microman.  As expected AcroMonsters were yet another mangemo-11 toys (magnet and ball type joints).  AcroMonsters  were design to be able to combine with one another in any combination to form a bigger AcroMonster.

022 Vampiser -  bat mode & robot mode.

AcroMonsters are combination of metal and organic parts.  They appeared as creatures but actually have hidden "robotic" side.  Each AcroMonster can be self transform from creature mode to several other robot modes.  (Takara show three different types for self-transformation which basically involved rearranging their magnetic parts).  Each AcroMonster then can be combine with either one of the other two AcroMonster.  All three also can be combine together.  The numbers of different combinations that can be achieve are just staggering. 

023 Hellpion - scorpion mode & robot mode.

The first AcroMonster is a bat-like creature named Vampiser.  He has four missile spears on his two magnetic wings.  The second AcroMonster is a pink scorpion named Hellpion.   The third and largest is a semi-clear green iguana named Iguanite.   AcroMonsters design and look were quite unusual for Microman toys.  At first the toys just seem to be off the wall with strange colors scheme and bizarre design, however they are actually very fun toys that feature very clever play mechanism via the magnemo-11 joints system.  The only problem with the toys which is also the same problem with the rest of Magne Powers magnemo-11 toys is that the magnet that used are too weak to hold the parts together especially when they combined.

024 Iguanite - iguana mode & robot mode.

  Below is AcroMonster in his most common form with Vampiser as main body and Hellpion forming the legs part.  He appear in the manga and anime mostly in this form.