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1975 Microman Zone Super-Steel Microman Series
M21X Dash Wing Type  - M211 Ken, M212 Kelly & M213 Kim (c.1975)


M21X box.

Capsule & Accessories

M21X come package in a white capsule.

Flight Helmet

Blue Dash Wing

Green Dash Wing

Gold Dash Wing

Dash Wing is a very beautiful design wing pack but it is also very fragile.  The small beetle like wing is easily broken by kids and the helmet often get lost.

In 1975, along with the three Capsule Microman Types (M10X, M11X & M12X), Takara released two die-cast Microman called Super-Steel Microman.  The first Super-Steel type was the M20X  which was basically a die-cast version of the M10X barefoot.   Later that year Takara replaced the M20X with M22X type which was modified to have the longer cuff type hands and 5mm hole and also included a chest cannon gun accessory call "Hand-Bazooka".  M22X would later became Mego Micronauts: Galactic Warrior.  The M21X was the second style Super Steel Microman.   M21X come with blue plastic helmet and wing backpack call "Dash-Wing".  M21X type became Mego Micronauts - Space Glider.

Super-Steel Microman are Microman whose body have undergone a major evolution inside the capsule.  The body of Super-Steel Microman is cover with super alloy.   M21X is a die-cast figure with plastic wing-pack that spring open with a touch of the button and come with a blue flight helmet.  Each figure come with matching color Dash Wing but the helmet come in blue only.

M212 Kelly

Microman version are a lot better constructed and slightly difference than the Mego version of Space Glider  The head details are well defined and the chrome parts have much richer color.   The head is not the same as Space Glider (which used the  head similar to the one from M11X & M14X series), but rather a completely different design (thought with similar hair style).  The Dash Wing on M21X also have richer chrome color than the wing pack from Space Glider.  Microman version have screws in the back of the body and legs, and they are not riveted like the Micronauts version.   Microman M21X also come with a white  capsule (similar to the one for the Capsule Microman Series but without any logo or designation.  Another feature that was removed from Mego version is the articulation in the ankle. M21X ankles can be twisted.

 Super-Steel Microman M21X

Microman whose body is encase in Super Steel alloy and come equip with Dash Wing that allow him to fly at Mach 15.

M211 Ken

M21X is probably one of the most recognizable and most popular Microman besides the M10X type.  M21X was made popular by the original Microman Manga since the lead Microman character M102 Jack was severely injured and was reconstructed into a green Super-Steel M21X type Microman.  Interestingly, Micronauts comic lead character Commander Rand was also a Space Glider type figure. 

I was very fortunate to get this much sought after piece, a mint in box - M212 Kelly (by Japanese collectors) from a fellow Microman collector. (Thank you Leman, I will sure to take good care of him.)  M21X even in loose incomplete condition command a very high price in Japan.   Fortunately, Takara have unofficially said that they will reissue M21X type sometimes in late 2000.

M213 Kim

Microman M212 Kelly.  

Note the head is unique to this figure and not the same head as the M11X.  Note how much greener the head is compare to the Green Space Glider.

Green Space Glider.  

The head is similar to M11X type head but are slightly bigger to accommodate the helmet.  The chrome color on Space Glider head and wing pack were not as rich as the Microman counterpart.