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y-wing fighter


2011 the vintage collection exclusive vehicle


hasbro released y-wing fighter vehicle as toys r us store exclusive as part of the vintage collection line. the y-wing comes in vintage style box under return of the jedi banner.


return of the jedi y-wing fighter


this new y-wing is retooled of the y-wing vehicle released in 2007, which was in turn reissued of the old vintage kenner mold.  hasbro changed the decoration slightly from the vintage and 2007 release by giving this y-wing red color trims.  this version also has less weathering effect than the 2007.

y-wing vintage collection


the red y-wing is actually the original version of y-wing models built for star wars episode IV (a new hope), however when blue could not be used for x-wing colors, y-wings were changed into yellow (gold squadron) and x-wings became red squadron.  this version is painted to reflect the original prop of y-wing and a wonderful homage by hasbro.


y-wing updated cockpit


the new y-wing also get cockpit upgrade like the tie-fighter that was released last year for the vintage collection line.  hasbro added flight yoke and retractable targeting computer.  it's too bad they didn't include hole for flight suit hose, though that could be easily remedy with small drill.  there is no stickers as the vehicle comes completely pre-decorated including the cockpit interior.


astrodriod socket


another change that hasbro made for this release, was a socket for astrodroid. the fake droid from 2007 is now gone and a new wider socket took its place.  unlike the original vintage toy, the socket can accommodate most modern r-type droids.


no sound in space


this version of the toy also have the electronic sound gutted. the battery compartment is now sealed away.  the ship nacelles are nicely painted with orange glow to accent the engines.  the ship is a bit clean compare to the 2007 version and could use may be a bit more weathering.


below is picture of new y-wing with pilot and astrodrod. (the pilot is the gray squadron pilot - leutenant ekelarc yong and his r5-p9. both figures comes from toys r us battle over endor set).  the new cockpit is very tight fitting, but he look great in the seat and his astromech fit nicely but a socket cover would have been nice.


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