2011 the vintage collection mail-away exclusive vc61 prototype boba fett



the vintage collection




mail-away exclusive

vc61 boba fett (white prototype)


2011 the vintage collection


mail-away special for this year is another boba fett figure.  this time instead of the famous rocket-firing vintage copy, hasbro choose a less known white prototype version of boba fett.  fett was originally design to be elite commando version of stormtrooper but the character eventually evolved into a bounty hunter.


the empire strikes back


vc61 boba fett (white prototype armor)


this figure is essentially a repaint of 2004 boba fett in white so he is not entirely accurate to the archive photo.  the figure for some odd reason like the SDCC set mouse droid and crumb has the numbering of the vintage collection instead of the "vcp" numbering.  sometimes it's very confusing on how hasbro decided how figures get their numbers.



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