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2010 the vintage collection target exclusive


as part of the 30th anniversary of the empire strikes back and launch of the new vintage collection line, hasbro released star wars vehicles in the original style kenner packaging (the photographs are all new and used the modern toys as prop).  there were only four vehicles from the empire strikes back movie in 2010 line up - the tie-fighter, snowspeeder (luke), twin-pods cloud car and imperial walker at-at, but sadly the cloud car was not released in vintage style packaging..


imperial tie-fighter


this is reissue of the tie-fighter but with new improve detail cockpit.  instead of the large wings, hasbro has decided to go with the classic small wings of the old toys and while fans clamored for authenticity, the small wings give the vehicle more of the vintage style looks and feels.



the cockpit has been completely redone and is now sport super detailing panels and control system.



another vehicle to get vintage style packaging is the newly tool rebel armored snowspeeder.  the same speeder is also sold in regular shadow of the dark side blue packaging as luke's snowspeeder.  beside the packaging both vehicles are identical in everyway.


rebel armored snowspeeder


the vehicle has been completely retool from the ground up and incorporate all new modern design.  there is no light and sound gimmick but in passing the vehicle looks as if it could be model use on the movie set.



the snowspeeder in vintage collection, while not stating on the box it is decorated as luke's version.  the vehicle incorporate many modern toys engineering design including realistic cockpit.  hasbro even include small harpoon gun in place of the firing one so the vehicle would looks more realistic.



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