2004 the vintage original trilogy collection VOTC - the empire strikes back



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2004 the original trilogy collection


a new hope

luke skywalker

ben (obi-wan) kenobi

princess leia

han solo


the empire strikes back

darth vader

see-threepio (C3-PO)


lando carlrissian


return of the jedi

boba fett


artoo-detoo (R2-D2)





vintage kenner





I had darth vader (of course) which I fondly remember that I decapitated him to recreate the scene on dagobah. I also had threepio and  yoda with his pet snake.



















the empire strikes back assortment


this collection included four figures using card back from the second star wars movie (episode V). this second wave included four figures - darth vader, see-threepio, yoda and lando carlrissian.


darth vader - this figure is very well articulated with nice details (the saber hilt can even be attach to his belt. this was ultimate vader until the evolution darth vader come out in 2005 for ep3 series. there are some reports of defective legs and broken joints. (must be something with black plastic)


see-threepio (C3PO) - a very highly details version of threepio but sadly this figure is really lacking on articulations. he also has weather paint job instead of shiny golden plated body. for some reason this figure was really hard to find in stores.


yoda - this is a decent figure of yoda with good articulations. his cloth robe make him look a little chubby. the ep3 version of yoda has a better joints and dagobah yoda from saga line has a much better sculpt than this one.


lando carlrissian - this figure is probably the best of the four figures in this second assortment and is probably the best lando figure in 3 3/4" format. he is super-articulated just like his pal han solo from the first assortment (now we just need bespin solo and leia)



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