2004 the vintage original trilogy collection VOTC - a new hope



star wars vintage series collection 2004-2007


2004 vintage series (OTC)


a new hope

luke skywalker

ben (obi-wan) kenobi

princess leia

han solo


the empire strikes back

darth vader

see-threepio (C3-PO)


lando carlrissian


return of the jedi

boba fett


artoo-detoo (R2-D2)





vintage kenner





as a kid I had luke (who doesn't), leia (yes, I actually got a girl figure as a kid probably because of my little sister) and obi-wan. I got most of my star wars toys from fedco (they were sort of like costco stores today) and I don't remember ever have seen han solo from the first movie.



















a new hope assortment


this collection included four figures using card back from the first star wars movie (episode IV). the first wave included four figures - luke skywalker, obi-wan (ben) kenobi, princess leia and han solo.



luke skywalker - this figure has super-articulated body. he comes with removable belt and real cloth shirt (that actually look very good). the figure comes with a light saber.



princess leia organa - this figure also has great articulations and you can do a lot of nice poses with her. the only gripe I have with this figure is her cloth skirt. it just look a little odd with her molded plastic top part but the cloth skirt allow for leg movement not possible with the usual vinyl or soft plastic skirt often used for this outfit.



ben (obi-wan) kenobi - this figure also has good articulations. obi wan has real cloth for the lower half of his robe and also real cloth cloak.  the cloak is a little bulky looking but still look very nice for such a small scale figure.  he comes with light saber accessory. 



han solo - this figure is probably the best of the four figures in this initial assortment and is probably the best han solo figure in 3 3/4" format. he is super-articulated just like luke figure and has removable belt and working holster.



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