2009 star wars the clone wars - wave 5



the clone wars



no24  jar-jar binks

no25  rocket battle droid

no26  clone trooper 41st ec

no27  kit fisto




the fifth wave of the clone wars figures consist of 4 different figures from the animated series. this is the final wave before the line is reset for 2009-10 series.








no24 jar-jar binks


jar-jar binks figure is a very nice animated version (well all the versions are technically animated).  he comes with his jedi "bombad" disguise robe made from real cloth.  the sculpt is nicely done and the figure has decent enough articulation to pose him in various goofy stance.


no25 rocket battle droid


this is the first variant of battle droid in the clone wars toys line.  the rocket battle droid come with rocket backpack that allow them limited flight and they come with miner light head gear.






no26 clone trooper 41st elite corps


this is another clone trooper variants (expect more to come).  this is clone trooper of the 41st elite corps with green marking.  the 41st are the elite unit of the grand army of the republic.


no27 kit fisto


we got another jedi master added to the rank.  this time it's kit fisto (yes, the guy that darth sidious decapitated in episode III).  he comes with his green light saber and rocket backpack.


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