2008 star wars the clone wars - wave 2



the clone wars



no09  ahsoka tano

no10  clone commander cody

no11  clone pilot odd ball

no12  super battle droid




the second wave of the clone wars figures consist of 4 different figures from the animated series.








no09 ahsoka tano


ahsoka tano is the new character introduce for the clone wars series.  she is padawan of anakin skywalker.  ahsoka is a member of togruta race (like shak-ti).  the figure is pretty accurate to the animated version of ahsoka.  (though paint job can vary from figure to figure).  the figure has cloth skirt and comes with rotta the huttlet.


no11 clone commander coy


this is the 2nd unique named clone trooper in the series.  (cody also appeared in episode III movie)  cody is commander of 212th attack battalion  under general kenobi during the clone wars.  212th attack battalion has orange-yellow decoration.  the figure has unique animated style head and come with removable clone commander helmet (with visor and antenna).  this is another excellent clone figure.


no11 clone pilot odd ball


the first clone pilot figure in the clone wars line up and also a unique named clone pilot called odd ball. clone pilot is special clone trooper train for the purpose of piloting various republic crafts.  clone pilot wears similar phase 1 armor as clone trooper but has unique yellow marking and republic emblem on each side of the helmet.  the helmet also has special breathing apparatus for flying in ship without life support system. 


no12 super battle droid


the last figure in this 2nd wave is super battle droid.  this is an animated version of super battle droid which has a bulkier body than the movie version.   the figure has very nice paint job and looks great.


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