2008 star wars the clone wars - wave 1



the clone wars



no1  anakin skywalker

no2  obi-wan kenobi

no3  yoda

no4  captain rex

no5  clone trooper

no6  general grievous

no7  battle droid

no8  r2-d2




the first wave of the clone wars figures consist of 8 different figures from the animated series.


hasbro introduce chase figures for the launch of the clone wars (and also the legacy line). the early assortment of both series the figures come with special packaging with foil star wars logo along with foil "1st day of issue" sticker.








no1 anakin skywalker


animated version of anakin skywalker as he appears in the animated series.  the figure is very nice and the design give a hint of his future darth vader armor.  the main complain is the lack of knee articulation.


no.2 obi-wan kenobi


obi-wan kenobi in his general outfit similar to the design from 'clone wars' animated series. the head however don't quite capture the look of the computer animated version.  he comes with clone trooper helmet head and jet-pack.  like anakin figure, obi-wan also suffer from stiff knees.


no3 yoda


yoda design is also pattern after the animated clone wars series.  the animated version is actually pretty good as far as capturing yoda as a fierce warrior and general of the clone army but the figure version of him leave a lot to be desire. he looks more like bug-eyes freak than a jedi master.


no4 captain rex


captain rex is an arc (advanced recon clone) trooper. the figure is "dirty" version of the sneak peek figure. he comes with missile launcher not found in the sneak peek version.  hasbro also later release "clean" armor version of this figure.


no5 clone trooper


another excellent version of clone troopers. the figure has nice articulations and looks much like the slim animated version.  the first run has weather "dirty" armor look but it is later release with clean armor variants (along with clean armor captain rex).


no6 general grievous


animated version of grievous is actually very nice looking figure with decent articulations.  his head seems a bit small compare to the animated version and painted on eyes look a bit cheap but overall he is one of the better figure in the series. there is a clear blue "holographic" version of him sold as toysrus exclusive.


no7 battle droid


animated version of battle droid looks very similar to the regular version (not surprising since most shots of battle droids in the movies are computer generated images).  the droid has added waist articulation.


no8 r2-d2


this is a surprise since you would think animated version of r2 would not be any differences than his regular version but hasbro did a good job with the paint scheme and make this little figure stand out.  the figure has nice bluish weather dome and comes with plenty of accessories.



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