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the clone wars



captain rex (hasbro)

clone senate security (sdcc08)

commander fox (target)

holographic grievous (toysrus)

clone 501st legion (wal-mart)




target and sdcc starwarsshop.com exclusive both come pack in hasbro clear protective clamshell (the case used for the vintage series)







captain rex - sneak peek (hasbro)


a "clean" armor version of captain rex is the sneak peek mail-away figure available direct from hasbro.  the promotion was offer inside the final wave of TAC star wars line in early 2008.  the packaging also has special "3D" fold out display background.


clone trooper senate security (SDCC08)


senate security clone trooper was sold as 2008 SDCC by  starwarshop.com (on-line store).  the figure is also available on-line. senate security are elite units under the command of commander thire (65th shocktrooper legion) in charge of security for the capital city.  this figure comes packaged in hasbro star wars clamshell case.


commander fox (target)


commander fox is target exclusive figure sold as part of launch promotion for the clone wars line. fox is part of commando team that help padme during her "negotiation" with ziro the hutt.  this figure comes packaged inside hasbro star wars protective case.


holographic general grievous (toysrus)


toysrus offered special holographic (clear blue) version of animated general grevious as part of the launch day promotion.  the figure is identical to the figure from wave 1.  this is the only figure in the exclusive line up that is not a clone trooper.


clone trooper 501st legion (wal-mart)


clone trooper 501st legion was offered by wal-mart as part of the clone wars launch day promotion.  the package include special 501st identification card.  (this was done to honor the works of real life 501st legion - a star wars fan group that do charitable work by dressing up as star wars characters)



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