2012 the vintage collection target exclusive special action figures set wave 4 (07.12)



the vintage collection



special action figures set series



villain set

  sand people

  boba fett



droid set


  death star droid

  power droid



2012 the vintage collection special action figures set


target continued the special action figures set as their vintage collection exclusive.  for 2012, series 4 contains only two assortment a villain and a droid set.


special action figure set 4 - star wars series


the back of the packaging show three set with the third being the android set from last year.  the android set did not get reissued, however, and only villain and droid set were shipped in this 4th series.  both villain and droid set comes in star wars packaging and were the 2nd series of the original kenner three-pack "value" line.  with these two, hasbro, has reproduced almost all of of the star wars special action-figure set. (the creature set is the only remaining "star wars" set that has not been remake).



villain set


this is the 2nd villain set in the special action figure set. the set includes sand people, boba fett and snaggletooth.  snaggletooth is an all new figure.


droid set


this set includes r5-d4, death star droid (ra-7) and power droid. the power droid is all new mold and interestingly hasbro choose to paint him in tan color as the one seen in jawa's sandcrawler.


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