2011 the vintage collection target exclusive special action figures set wave 3 (07.11)



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special action figures set 3

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imperial set

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2011 the vintage collection special action figures set


target release the 3rd wave of special action figure set in july of 2011. like wave 2, the set is sold separate and including 1 star wars card back and 2 of the empire strike back.  both of the empire set are the imperial and the lone rebel set is star wars set.


special action figure set 3 - star wars and  the empire strikes back


the set consist of one rebel assortment and two imperial set.  just like the last special action figure, these sets are replica of 1970's and 80's vintage line jc penney store box set that were sold as "value" pack.  the naming convention back then was not exactly correct and all the bad guys were imperial while poor chewie is considered to be android.


android set


the android set consisted of repackaged and repaint figures from prior years.  c3-po and r2-d2 both came from "resurgence of the jedi" battle-pack set while chewbacca is the good old "early bird" version.


imperial set


this set includes repackage of captain needa from the legacy collection as generic imperial commander and another at-at driver also from legacy collection. dengar is included in this set though in today lexicon he is probably would be more appropriate for the "imperial forces" set with the other two bounty hunter. the snowtrooper would be right at home with his imperial comrades.  though, hasbro probably want to keep the set true to the original release versions.


imperial forces


the imperial forces set include two bounty hunters - bossk and ig-88 and a lone true imperial force - snowtrooper.  all three figures are repackaged of the vintage trilogy collection from few years back (and were also available as part of saga legend 2010 line "shadow of the empire" series).


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