2011 the vintage collection target exclusive special action figures set wave 2 (05.11)



the vintage collection



special action figure set 2

hoth rebel set


  leia (hoth outfit)

  rebel commander


hero set

  luke skywalker (x-wing pilot)

  ben kenobi

  han solo


villain set


  darth vader

  death squad commander



2011 the vintage collection special action figures set


target release 2nd wave of special action figure set in may of 2011.  this time instead of one big set, the three sets are sold individually.  this 2nd wave consisted of two star wars sets and one empire strikes back set.


special action figure set 2 - star wars and  the empire strikes back


the set consist of two heroes assortment and one villain set.  just like the last special action figure, these sets are replica of the vintage line jc penney store box set that were sold as "value" pack.


hoth rebels set


the hoth rebels includes medical droid 2-1b, leia in hoth outfit and hoth rebel commander.  leia is repack of figure from last year vintage collection and rebel commander is from hoth defender set while 2-1b is the old figure from power of the force line.  the 2-1b, like fx-7 last year is one of the older figure but still hold up pretty well.



hero set


this set includes the three good guy characters from the first star wars - luke in his x-wing pilot outfit, ben kenobi and han solo.  all three figures are repacked and slightly retool of the vintage original trilogy collection line from 2007.  all three figures still hold up pretty good.



villain set


the villain set came with stormtrooper, darth vader and death star trooper which was called death squad commander by kenner back during the vintage line.  all three figures are repacked figures from the last few years with some slight retooling.  they all hold up well with the current vintage collection line.



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