2012 the vintage collection sdcc exclusive jar-jar binks in carbonite with carbonite chamber display



the vintage collection




san diego comic con 2012 exclusive

jar-jar binks in carbonite with carbonite chamber "lost line" figures set


the phantom menace

jar-jar binks


attack of the clones

clone trooper lieutenant


revenge of the sith

shock trooper


the empire strikes back

princess leia (bespin)


a new hope

sandtrooper (captain)


return of the jedi

darth vader (emperor's wrath)



2012 vintage collection exclusive


last year hasbro went all out with san diego comic con exclusive with twelve figures set of revenge of the jedi card back house inside a giant death star display case.  this year although not quite as large, but no less impressive is a carbonite chamber hexagon display case with bonus jar-jar binks frozen in carbonite block in the middle.  there is even a secret slide out chamber that when pull back reveal encased jar-jar on vintage style card back. surrounding the chamber are six figures, one from each of the six star wars movies on "lost line" packaging.  this was one of the propose packaging design for the original kenner star wars toys.


the phantom menace

jar-jar binks in carbonite


this figure is actually more like accessories since it is just simply a plastic block.  hasbro however added nice touch to the toy by molded the inside so you can actually fit jar-jar figure in the block and even recreated him being "thaw" out.  jar-jar in carbonite is inspired by life-size version that is on display at one of the star wars celebration and currently on display at letterman digital art center.



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