2012 the vintage collection wave 11 (1.5)  "blu-ray deleted scene" (03.12)



the vintage collections



wave 11 (1.5)

eturn of the jedi (blu-ray)

vc87 luke (lightsaber construction)

vc88 leia (sandstorm)

vc89 lando (sandstorm)

vc90 colonel cracken (falcon crew)

vc91 rebel pilot (mon calamari)





2012 the vintage collection wave 11


hasbro released set of figures to commemorate the blu-ray released of star wars movies.  this wave is an interim wave and consisted of five figures all from return of the jedi deleted scenes.  the rest of the figure in this assortment consisted of figures being carry forward from wave 10 (wave 1), hence hasbro designated this wave as 1.5 for 2012.  the cardback for this and the rest of the blu-ray deleted scene set are not photo from the movie but rather a photo-realistic artworks.


return of the jedi


vc87 luke skywalker (lightsaber construction)


this figure is essentially jedi knight luke skywalker but oddly with brown jedi robe (may be he also raided ob-wan's closet along with the book on how to make lightsaber)  this figure depicts luke when he was constructing his lightsaber in the cave on tantooine.  the scene was removed from return of the jedi and are now part of the  deleted scene special from blu-ray box set of star wars saga.  the artwork is a very pretty and a very unique looking.  (also it's nice not to have another jabba's palace luke or endor capture cardback).


vc88 princess leia organa (sandstorm outfit)


this figure is essentially slave leia with extra accessories.  this figure along with lando depicts character from deleted sandstorm scene.  hasbro did release two sandstorm figure several years back of luke and han so with addition of two more we almost have a complete set.  (poor chewie always get left out).


vc89 lando carlissian (sandstorm outfit)


this is brand new figure and a creative way for collector to get lando in his jabba palace's disguise (as tamtel skreej) in the vintage collection line up.  the figure is a definitive version of tamtel and the added sandstorm cloak is icing on the cake.  the cardback is excellent artwork with realistic backdrop.


vc90 colonel cracken (millennium falcon's crew)


this is not the first time colonel airen cracken is released as action figure, hasbro previously released him as generic endor rebel trooper.  this time cracken is depicted as one of the rebel pilots that were on the millennium falcon in return of the jedi during the final assault on death star 2.


vc91 rebel pilot (mon calamari)


this is a surprise choice for deleted scene but a nice way for pilot fans to get new figure.  this figure depicted the unseen mon calamari pilot from return of the jedi. mon calamari pilots are supposed to be piloting the b-wing but the artwork depicts him in a-wing cockpit.


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