2011 the vintage collection wave 9 (5) "revenge of the jedi" (11.11)



the vintage collection



wave 9 (5)

the empire strikes back

vc68 echo base trooper


expanded universe (kotor)

vc69 bastilla shan


a new hope

vc70 ponda boba (walrus man)


revenge of the jedi (chase)

vc08 darth vader

vc09 boba fett

vc22 admiral ackbar

vc23 luke (endor capture)

vc25 r2-d2 (bartender)

vc26 rebel commando (black)

vc27 wicket

vc41 stormtrooper

vc62 han solo (endor)

vc63 b-wing pilot (keyan)

vc64 leia (slave outfit)

vc65 tie fighter pilot



2011 the vintage collection wave 9


hasbro decided to switch around the line up for the second half of 2011 and this wave 5 (wave 9 for the series) became the final wave of 2011.  the wave like previous wave before it was part of the revenge of the jedi promotion.  this wave only consisted of three new figures and the rest of the assortment were either carry forward from previous waves or the chase "revenge of the jedi" figures.


the vintage collections line were very hard to find at retails and being the last wave of year made this wave even more difficult to find.


the empire strikes back


vc68 echo base trooper


this figure is all new and much wanted by fans since most trooper released in recent years were the white vest commando type.  this tan figure is base on the vintage version of the figure, but hasbro changed the card back photo to the appropriate tan vest rebel trooper.


expanded universe (star wars knights of the old republic)


vc69 bastilla shan


bastilla shan was one of figures that won fan's choice poll but never got make into action-figure.  she is a character from video game knights of the old republic by bioware for the original xbox (and pc).  the figure comes on expanded universe card with artwork of bastilla (similar to captain fordo figure).


a new hope


vc70 ponda baba (walrus man)


this is a brand new updated figure of ponda baba or walrus-man.  this is another excellent figure release by hasbro for the vintage collection line.  the figure not only capture the likeness of ponda but also included many accessories like the alternate flipper hands (seen on screen before the fight) and his sever arm with furry hands (it was one of the blooper in the original star wars movie).  it is unfortunate that the old wave 8 with his drinking comrade dr. evazan was pushed back to next year.


revenge of the jedi


figures from sdcc "revenge of the jedi" set were included in both wave 8 and wave 9 assortments as special "chase" figures.  along with the chase figures, several of figures from previous waves were carried forward. there were several assortments and the figures included varied.  both wave 8 and especially wave 9 were extremely difficult to find at retail outlets due to poor distribution.


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