2011 the vintage collection wave 8 (4) "revenge of the jedi" (10.11)



the vintage collections



wave 8 (4)

return of the jedi

vc62 han solo (endor)

vc63 b-wing pilot (keyan)

vc64 leia (slave outfit)

vc65 tie fighter pilot

vc09 boba fett


revenge of the jedi (chase)

vc08 darth vader

vc09 boba fett

vc22 admiral ackbar

vc23 luke (endor capture)

vc25 r2-d2 (bartender)

vc26 rebel commando (black)

vc27 wicket

vc41 stormtrooper

vc62 han solo (endor)

vc63 b-wing pilot (keyan)

vc64 leia (slave outfit)

vc65 tie fighter pilot



2011 the vintage collection wave 8


hasbro decided to change the line-up plan for the 2nd half of 2011.  the original wave 8 with kithaba and evazan figure was delayed to 2012 after the phantom menace promotion and hasbro move up the revenge of the jedi waves.  wave 8 (wave 4 for 2011) consisted four reissued figures from few years along with "revenge of the jedi" figures that were sold as sdcc exclusive set.  the revenge figures were sold as chase figures but at time it seems the "return" cardback versions were much harder to find.


return of the jedi


vc62 han solo (endor outfit)

this is a reissued figure from battle-pack set released few years back so it was nice to have the figure on individual card especially on vintage style card.  this is not the first han solo (endor) on vintage card, hasbro did one several years back for the premium vintage line.  this figure also comes on "revenge" cardback.


vc63 b-wing pilot (keyan farlander)

b-wing pilot is interesting for the fact that while the cardback is homage to the original kenner, hasbro also add the modern "retcon" and market the figure as specific (never seen in the movie) rebel pilot keyan farlander.  this is reissued of keyan figure from several years back and the figure still hold up pretty well. the figure also comes on "revenge" card.


vc64 princess leia (slave outfit)

this is also another repack of figures from several years back.  this is one of the best princess leia in slave outfit and it's great to see the figure on vintage style card. there is also "revenge" version of this figure.


vc65 tie-fighter pilot

another repackage figure from vehicle playset. so again it was really nice to have the figure on individual vintage style card. the figure is also part of the chase "revenge" series.


vc09 boba fett - variant

hasbro release boba fett on return of the jedi and used the figure from the vintage original trilogy premium line from 2004 instead of the one they used for empire card.  so being both difference figure and on new cardback (return instead of empire) one would think he technically should have gotten a new "vc" numbers but instead hasbro kept him as "vc09".  the figure came on both return of the jedi and revenge of the jedi cards.


revenge of the jedi

figures from sdcc "revenge of the jedi" set were included in this and wave 9 assortment as special "chase" figures.  along with the chase figure, several of wave 7 figures were carried forward. there were several assortments and the figures included varied.  both wave 8 and especially wave 9 were extremely difficult to find at retail outlets due to poor distribution.


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