2011 the vintage collection wave 5 (1) (1.11)



the vintage collection



wave 5 (1)

a new hope

vc39 luke skywalker (death star)

vc40 r5-d4

vc42 han solo (yavin)


the empire strikes back

vc41 stormtrooper


return of the jedi

vc23 luke skywalker (capture)*


revenge of the sith

vc13 darth vader (anakin)*

vc20 yoda

vc38 clone trooper (212th)

vc43 commander gree




2011 the vintage collection series 2 wave 1


with the announcement of blu-ray star wars release and 3-d versions of the movie to be return to theater starting in 2012 with the phantom menace, hasbro is forced to rearrange the vintage collection line.  wave 5 which was plan for march of 2011 is slightly bump up and arrive early in January of 2011.  this is the first so called "mixed wave" where the figures are not mainly from just one movie but from any combinations of all six movies along with expanded universe materials.  also shipping with this wave are figures from previous wave including darth vader, anakin (sith-vader), general grievous, and unfortunately more sandtrooper. 


a new hope (episode iv)


vc39 luke skywalker (death star escape)


this is sort of a brand new figure as  this version of luke was never part of the old kenner line. the figure depicts luke when he was being chase by stormtrooper and trying to escape the death star.  the card back is from the first star wars movie (a new hope) and the card blend really well with the vintage kenner stuffs.   the figure itself is combination of the 2008 popular resurgence of the jedi with new head, belt and added cloth material.  he is another "to scale" figure and might looks a little short after all these years seeing "tall" luke action-figures.


vc40 r5-d4


this card is a replica of one of the original kenner star wars toys.  the figure itself is not entirely new, it's actually repaint from build-a-droid r5 toys.  the figure is not particularly interesting and being from b-o-d line he sports unsightly hole on the side of his body, though most collectors probably buy him because of the nostalgia classic card back. 


vc41 han solo (yavin ceremony)


this figure is hasbro attempting to find a different version of han to re-issue and using parts from previous toys.  the figure is kit-bash of 2009 legacy collection han solo (death star escape) which in turn is based on 2004 vintage original trilogy collection han solo.  many collectors are grumbling about the incorrect shirt since han wore his shirt buttoned-up at yavin ceremony.  the card back is from original star wars style, the picture uses for the card is blurry (which some could argue is in keeping with the classic line spirit) but the group picture with other character in the background just doesn't make han standout from the rest.


vc40 stormtrooper


this is another figure from the classic line and this time re-released on empire strikes back card.  (the previous vintage from 2004 and 2006 have stormtrooper on return of the jedi and original star wars, though the latter one was actually george lucas in stormtrooper disguise).  the figure is kit-bash from the recent 2009 imperial stormtrooper on dewback with head from 2007 30th anniversary collection series stormtrooper.  the helmet is painted with his visor looks like sunglasses which also make the figure looks somewhat peculiar just like the 2007 version.


vc23 luke skywalker (jedi knight outfit)


the initial assortment of wave 5 include luke skywalker jedi knight from wave 3 as part of the line up.  this figure of luke doesn't actually fit his card description since it is missing the cape that he wore during his appearance at jabba's palace.  the figure is actually depicting luke after he surrendered himself to the empire on endor and taken to his father, darth vader.  hasbro promise to rectify the mistake but it appears initial assortment still use the card back from classic series.  unlike the figure from wave 3 return of the jedi, there is no boba fett offer sticker.


vc23 luke skywalker (endor capture)


subsequence shipment of wave 5 has the newly revise luke skywalker as he appeared as prisoner of vader on endor.  the card back is using return of the jedi template with picture of luke and stormtrooper that brings him to vader.  hasbro has stated that correct luke jedi figure is forthcoming and will include appropriate accessories such as the cape.  so we will most likely see another luke on the classic return of the jedi card back.


vc20 yoda


yoda is also another figure in wave 3 that got changed, but unlike luke jedi, yoda was actually removed from the original assortment.  he was originally plan to appear on the classic return of the jedi card back as yoda the jedi master (which depict old yoda from empire strike back and return of the jedi).  the inclusion of force lightning and his lightsaber (along with hover chair which was removed in final product) would make him more like yoda from the prequel.  the new card back looks great on revenge of the sith template but hopefully someday there will also be update version of empire strike back era yoda on the classic card back.


vc13 darth vader


also in this wave is also another card correction figure.  this figure of darth vader (from episode III) was originally released as anakin skywalker in wave 2.  this was then corrected to darth vader (since at the point he is depicted, he already turned to the dark side and christened as new sith lord).  the figure actually got released early along with figures from wave 3 even though the new revised card shown him with wave 5 figures.  the most recent release in wave 5 is without the boba fett (rocket firing) offer.



vc38 clone trooper (212th battalion)


the two last figures in the line are actually the planned figures for this assortment but ironically they are both repaints and repackaged of previously released figure. vc38 is the 212th battalion clone trooper (served under obi-wan).  the card back is alright if looks a little bit cartoonish.  the figure is repainted of clone trooper (phase 2) , and depict in new uniforms without any wear and tear (which makes him looks a bit odd next to the card picture).


vc43 commander gree


the ever popular commander gree is the final figure in the first "mixed wave" of 2011 (or final wave of 2010 depends on how you want to look at it)  he is whoesale repackaged of commander gree from 30th anniversary collection line. the card back is nice but again looks a little cartoony and cgi.


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