2010 the vintage collection wave 4 attack of the clones (12.10)



the vintage collection


wave 4

attack of the clone

vc29 kit fisto

vc30 zam wesell

vc31 obi-wan kenobi

vc32 anakin skywalker (peasant)

vc33 padme amidala (peasant)

vc34 jango fett

vc35 mace windu

vc36 coruscant senate guard

vc37 super battle droid




2010 the vintage collection wave 4 attack of the clone


wave 4 of 2010 vintage series features characters from the 2nd prequel movie attack of the clones.  this mark the first time attack of the clones characters are being sold on vintage kenner-style cards.  most of the figures are brand new or modified of the previously released figures from prior years.  the assortment consists of mostly the main and iconic characters with exception of collectors - the senate guard.  the lack of clone trooper from this first line-up is a bit puzzling but there is little doubt at least one will show up in later assortments. (vc45 clone trooper is phase 1 clone from attack of the clones)  also shipping with this assortment - vc08 darth vader, vc17 general grievious and more of vc14 sandtrooper.


vc29 kit fisto


everyone favorite tentacles head jedi with dazzling smile is the first figure in attack of the clones line-up.  the card background is from attack of the clone movie during geonosis arena battle (when he force push c-3po/battle droid mash up).  card back shows kit fisto figure from 2002 episode 2 attack of the clones line.


the figure has real cloth tunic under layer and jedi robe which gives the figure a real nice touch.  the figure is from recent tooling and features good articulations with excellent paint job.  the figure comes with lit green lightsaber and unlit one that can be attach to his belt.


vc30 zam wesell


another favorite characters from attack of the clones, a shapeshifter female bounty hunter zam wesell.  the card back is from promotional shot of the character and a nice homage to the old vintage boba fett card.  the card back depicts the toy first appearance as part of the power of the jedi attack of the clones sneak preview set from 2002.


zam figure is all new sculpt and an excellent one.  the figure is highly details and come with various parts for her headgear including swamp able alien head.  the figures include her sniper rifle and pistol as accessories.


vc31 obi-wan Kenobi


assortment wouldn't be complete without obi-wan character and for attack of the clones, the figure depict obi-wan with swept back hair and beard as he appears in attack of the clone as full fledge jedi knight.  the card back is a bit unusual as it depict close up face of obi-wan instead of typical action shot or promo shot thus make the card looks not quite "authentic" as vintage kenner style design.


the figure is repackaged of recent obi-wan figure with cloth jedi robe.  he comes with jedi com-link and lightsaber.  it's too bad that the saber hilt is not properly painted and there is no unlit saber included.


vc32 anakin skywalker (peasant disguise)


prequel collection wouldn't be complete without anakin to go along with obi-wan.  this is all new figure of padawan anakin in his peasant disguise.  the card back picture is perfect giving using promotion shot that fit the vintage style feel.


peasant (actually refer to as refugee in the movie) disguise come with real cloth poncho and all new body.  he come with lightsaber both lit and unlit hilt for on the belt display. the figure has great articulations and details that sadly hidden underneath the poncho.


vc33 padme amidala (peasant disguise)


hasbro also releases the long absent version of amidala in refugee outfit to go with anakin.  this is the first time padme in this particular outfit is made into action-figure.  the card back capture the essence of vintage style card.


this is a brand new figure of amidala. the figure has excellent sculpt with all the modern articulations.  the figure comes with real cloth trim and removable head scarf that can be replaced with the headdress.


vc34 jango fett


jango fett is of course an obvious choice for attack of the clone done in vintage style card backing.  the picture while dramatic, looks a bit cgi and cartoonish.  may be that is intentional but i can't help but think a promo style photo would be a better choice).


this is a repackage figure kit-bash from various jango fett released over the years. he comes with removable helmet, pilot headset and even his poncho.  althought not an all new figure, he is definitely a must have for collectors of vintage style cards.


vc35 mace windu


another prominent jedi from attack of the clones and is welcome sight to see as part of the vintage series.  the photo is excellent for vintage card style and capture both a dramatic scene from the movie and retro looks of the card backing.


this is new figure of mace with very good likeness and great articulations.  he comes with cloth under tunic and jedi robe (which often missing from mace figure). he comes with his signature purple lightsaber along with unlit hilt.


vc36 senate guard


a senate guard is a surprise choice though probably a welcome one for collectors. the figure is all new with good articulations and real cloth robe.  the card picture is promotional shot and while looks good, hasbro decided to switch to use movie still photo for later version.


senate guard figures that ship with some of the later wave 4 and in wave 6 were changed to this cardback photo.   the new photo depict the guard in full body instead of the close up shot.


vc37 super battle droid


the last figure in attack of the clones wave is super battle droid.  the card back is decent but again looks heavily cgi which perhaps can't be help consider the source material but makes the card look slightly out of place with vintage style design.  the figure is repackage of super battle droid figure from recent line.  it's unfortunate that hasbro could not at least give the figure a better paint job to at least match his photo on the card.


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