2010 the vintage collection wave 2 revenge of the sith (11.10)



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wave 2 

revenge of the sith

vc12 darth sidious

vc13 anakin skywalker (vader)

vc15 clone trooper

vc16 obi-wan kenobi

vc17 general grievous

vc18 magnaguard

vc19 commander cody


a new hope

vc14 sandtrooper (sergeant)





2010 the vintage collection wave 2 revenge of the sith


wave 2 of 2010 vintage series features characters from revenge of the sith.  this is the first time prequel star wars characters appear on vintage kenner style cards.  hasbro does a good job of picking characters that represent this third movie in the prequel trilogy. the line up include darth sidious, anakin, obi-wan, grievous, along with magnaguard droid, clone commander cody and standard clone trooper (phase 2 version).  sandtrooper from a new hope is the lone new figure not from episode 3 that also ship with this assortment as filler. there are also foil chase versions of each of the figures in this assortment.


vc12 darth sidious


this is all new figure and first time we actually have the character appears as darth sidious (instead of emperor palpatine).  he comes with molded hood and two layered of cloth cloak.  the cardback looks great and depict palpatine during his duel with yoda.


vc13 anakin skywalker (darth vader)


this is a repack of the recent darth vader (anakin after he turned to the dark side). the card have him as anakin and hasbro quickly correct the card name in subsequence waves.  (personally i think he should just be left as anakin but with darth vader or sith apprentice as subtitle).  the card back depict anakin (or vader) during the duel with obi-wan on mustafar, while the scene is good the picture select by hasbro is a bit blurry and end up not looking all that great.


vc15 clone trooper


a revenge of the sith theme would be incomplete without clone trooper but this is somewhat of a strange choice as pure white clone phase 2 armor is rather hard to see in the movie.  the figure is a kit-bash from two previous clone trooper figures and the final result is somewhat mixed.  there are several variants of this particular clone trooper from the cardback changes to the running changes on the figure.  the cardback early cardback has dull color and somewhat blurry clone images, this was later changed and the clone has sharper image and with brighter color background (the yellow is clearly more vibrant).  the figure also has minor change with added stripes to the helmet. 




unfortunately certain batch of the figures have helmets that turned yellow-greenish color. this figure along with sandtrooper become the bane of many collectors due to excessive shipment in many of the subsequence waves.




vc16 obi-wan kenobi


this is another repack of obi-wan from a few years back.  the card back looks good and match well with the vintage style.  strangely  hasbro, again, decided to pack obi-wan figure with his headset accessory which really distract from the overall looks of the card.


vc17 general grievous


this is also another repack of general grievous figure but this time he comes with really nice real cloth cape which really make the figure stand out.  this is the first oversize bubble for the vintage collection line. the cardback photo looks really good and is definitely one of the better cardback design in this wave.


vc18 magnaguard


magnaguard is one of all new figure in the set.  it is among the best figure not just in this wave but in the recent star wars line.  the figure is well articulated and comes with nice real cloth cape.  the card back looks good but the image is heavily cg looks and can look a little off on the old vintage card.


vc19 clone commander cody


this is another repackage figure from previous year legacy line.  the card back looks really good and go well with the figure.  it is nice to have one of the named clone on vintage card design.  there is also foil chase version of this figure.


vc14 sandtrooper


this is repack of sandtrooper figure from the dewback set release in prior year. the figure is nice but the new clean looks make the figure looks a bit off.  the card picture is good it is very neat to finally have sandtrooper on the original star wars card.  this is the only figure not from revenge of the sith movie and most likely use to pad the line-up due to two figures being drop from this wave.



this figure got repack several times into subsequence waves with some running changes.  the most notable change is the cardback, later version have darker blue color background.  the one that ship with the later wave 5 also lack the rocket-firing boba fett offer sticker and coupon insert.


vc14 sandtrooper (galactic hunt - foil version)


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