2010 the vintage collection wave 1 the empire strikes back (10.2010)



the vintage collection



wave 1

the empire strikes back

vc01 denga

vc02 leia (hoth outfit)

vc03 han solo (echo base)

vc04 luke skywalker (bespin)

vc05 at-at commander

vc06 see-threepio (c-3po)

vc07 dack ralter

vc08 darth vader

vc09 boba fett

vc10 4-lom

vc11 cloud car pilot (twin-pod)



2010 the vintage collection wave 1 the empire strikes back


the initial wave of star wars the vintage collection line also marked the 30th anniversary of the empire strikes back.  the debut wave of the vintage collection also mark the first time vintage style cardbacks make the return to the store pegs since it went on hiatus after the saga collection/30th anniversary collection ended in 2007.  this initial wave consisted of 11 figures and including many figures that are geared toward collectors such as dack and cloud car pilot figures along with perennial figures like luke and darth vader.  (see-threepio was the figure that got double pack in the first assortment to round out 12 figures per case).


the empire strikes back





somewhat of a strange choice to be the figure that kick-off the new vintage line.  this dengar is an all new-figure.  he is definitely one of the best denga figure. the cardback is a facsimile of the original kenner so there is also that added nostalgia.


vc-02 leia (hoth outfit)


this is another all new figure in for the vintage collection line and sure to be fan favorite.  this figure seems a tad small but this seems to be on going trend by hasbro to produce more scale accurate figure.


vc-03 han solo (echo base outfit)


another main character to flesh out the initial assortment is all new echo base version of han solo.  this depict han solo while he was repairing the falcon in echo base hanger.  the figure even comes with blowtorch and welding face-shield.


vc-04 luke skywalker (bespin fatigues)

luke bespin fatigues make a return to the vintage style cardback in this first wave. it was a bit of disappointment not to get hoth outfit luke considering bespin luke on vintage cardback was part of the recent saga collection line.  surprisingly this is not repack figure but an all new figure.


vc-05 at-at commander

another excellent figure for the initial wave that bring back the vintage card. this is an all new figure of at-at commander.


vc-06 see-threepio (c-3po)


see-threepio makes another return to vintage empire strikes back card. this is interestingly is an all new figure and a peculiar one to be include as this part of the assortment since he actually has removable panel of the prequel trilogy. the figure looks a bit odd due to hasbro attempt at size correction and the figure turn out to be too small and out of proportion or may be to blend the clone wars animated line with the movies.  another curious change is the use of painted color instead of the vacuum chrome plated body.  it seems this was a figure design for another line and got repack into this wave.


vc-07 dack ralter


this is another kit-bash and repack figure but a most welcome one. an update version of dack ralter (luke's rear gunner on his snowspeeder).  it is an easy figure for hasbro to put and that also a delight for collector.  though one could also feel the over exposure of pilots in recent year probably damper the release of this figure a bit.  in any case he is definitely a must have for avid collector and a great cardback artwork that fit well into the vintage series.


vc-08 darth vader


any star wars line would be incomplete without darth vader. the figure is a kit-bash repack of previous darth vader figure.  while understandably with this being the anniversary of the empire strikes back it would be nice to get this figure in the original star wars cardback.


vc-09 boba fett


the empire strikes back assortment would definitely be incomplete without this popular bounty hunter.  it is unfortunate what the previous version did not use the later vintage cardback for return of the jedi. this is a somewhat new figure and one of the best boba fett figure. the vintage style figure with rocket-firing backpack is also being offer as mail-away figures.


vc-10 4-lom


another great addition to the vintage collection is the 4-lom figure on the correct named card.  this one is a repack figure from previous line.  it is unfortunate that his partner in crime zuckuss is not part of this assortment. hopefully if hasbro could release him on regular vintage cardback.  (zuckuss was released as part of saga legend and special foil bounty hunter set as 4lom).


vc-11 cloud car pilot (twin-pod)


this is probably the most surprising choice of all the figures in the line and definitely intend to tie in with the remake of the cloud car vehicle. the figure is all new and unlike the previous version. he is suppose to be base on the sketch drawing of the bespin pilot since there actually was no costume make as the pilot in the movie is actually a model.




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