SH Classic Masked Riders Series GD-48 Shocker Riders (Fake Masked Riders) (c.2002)





















Kamen Rider Ichi-go or Masked Rider One was released in 2001 as part of Bandai Souchaku Henshin Chogokin line of Riders. The Classic Series followed on the heel of the successful Kuuga and Agito series depicted Riders from the early 1970's era. After releasing Rider I (old type) and Rider 2 (new type) Bandai seem to have stop the series at Stronger, however when Bandai-Asia began to issue the series for Hong Kong market, they went on to produce other variants of Kamen Rider 1 such as this middle "movie" or "Sakurajima" version of Rider 1and even Shocker Riders. Bandai Asia even went on to produce New Rider 1 and Old Rider 2 that Bandai Japan never released. These redeco SH Masked Rider 1 were later sold in Japan as limited editon versions.

It was inevitable that we would get Shocker Riders (or Fake Riders), since this seem to be the ritual for any series that had Rider 1, Shocker Rider variants would soon be produced. The Shocker Rider just as the name implied were fake Masked Rider 1 built by Shocker to confuse and destroy the Double Riders (Rider 1 & 2). Shocker Rider look identical to New Masked Rider 1 but with yellow gloves, booth and scarf. (Of course no one on the show except for Rider 2 seem to notice this difference). It was later reveal that there were more than one Shocker Rider, actually there were six of them altogether. The rest of the Shocker Riders also wore yellow glove and booth but each had distinctive color scarves. The leader of the Shocker Rider wore yellow and the rest had blue, white, purple, green, and pink.

The SH Shocker Riders was pretty much identical to the previously released Masked Rider 1 just with the changes in booth, glove and scarf color. Bandai-Asia released all six version of Shocker Riders for the Souchaku Henshin line. The figures were all identical just different in scarves and human head color. The human heads were painted in color stripes that matched the color of their scarves. Below are all six Shocker Riders - white, purple, blue, pink, green and yellow.




GD-48 SH Series Shocker Rider

Bandai Asia released Shocker Rider in 2003 as GD-48. Like most of HK variants the toy was later imported back to Japan and released there also. (usually as limited or special edition). There were total of six versions of SH Shocker Riders, each differed in the color of their scarves.

Unmasked Mode

The core body was similar style body used since the original Saint Seiya Cloth line which made it a little dated by today standard. However, this was one of the aspect that drawn me to this line. The ability to "henshin" into the Rider by adding "cloth" armor costume made these SH figures a lot like small scale Henshin Cyborg and RAH costume hero. The head, as usual was too small when unmasked and figure was obviously design to be display in armored mode. The Classic Riders all shared generic head design. For Shocker Rider, Bandai-Asia also put color stripe across the human face. The face color match the scarf color. 

Weapon Accessories

 Shocker Rider did not come with any weapon accessory