SH Masked Rider Faiz (555) Series GD-72 Masked Rider Delta (12/2004)


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GD-72 Kamen Rider Delta was released by Bandai in December of 2004 along with Kamen Rider Psiga. Delta was the third figures from the Faiz series to get the Souchaku Henshin treatment. Like Faiz and Kaixa, Delta design follow the same heavily armored suit with round cyclope-like eye lens with theme taken from Greek alphabets (in this case of course was the letter delta). Delta was the third Rider to appeared in the show and while the suit was quite menacing in appearance and Delta Driver was suppose to be the most powerful of the three Drivers, the character of Delta was never really get developed. Delta Driver (belt) get passed around and ended up with the weakest character on the show with little or no development time. Bandai and Toei seem to be stuck in let get one more Rider in the show syndrome. At least in Faiz there was only three Riders and not four or five like Agito, Ryuki and Blade.

The core body for Delta like Faiz and Kaixa had been extensively retooled with arms and legs remolded specifically for Masked Rider Faiz series. While this design gave the figure fewer die-cast armor, I rather prefer this format as it solve the problem with loose wrist armors which tends to fall off SH figures and also gave the figure better proportion. (SH Ryuki series went a step between with smaller wrist armors which work out quite well). Bandai had really re-engineered and tweak the SH format using what they learn from other series and it showed in the over-all figures looks. Delta also had very nice paint job and was quite a relief to see after the less than spectacular paint job on Raia. I always want Delta figure as I find the black and white design to be very attractive on a Rider and the S-RAH Delta figure was almost impossible to find. Even better was Bandai plan to release not only the rest of the Rider suits from Faiz series (power up version of Faiz and Rio-trooper) but also the two suits from the movie Paradise Lost.

GD-72 Souchaku Henshin Series Masked Rider Kaixa

Bandai released GD-72 in December of 2004. The toy came package in window box similar to previous SH series toy. The packaging had been redesign slightly for the new 2004 SH line.



Unmasked Mode

Like other SH Riders figures, the human body underneath can look out of proportion and was solely intended for display with the "cloth" (Rider's Armor) on. The core body was similar in style as the body used since the original Saint Seiya Cloth line, however for the 2004 SH line, Bandai had retooled the body to make it more modern. While the head still appear too small due to having to accommodate the mask, this removable "armor suit" however, was one of the aspect that drawn me to this line. The ability to "henshin" into the Rider form made these SH figure a lot like small version of Henshin Cyborg or the RAH costume hero.

The figure can be display with the "masked" removed and show a human head.

Weapon Accessories

Delta came with several accessories and even included the briefcase seen in the show. The briefcase can open up and store the accessories.