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2000 LED Powers Series
Micro Boy L08 Blue Gun and L09 Purple Sword (c.2000)


Micro Boy came packaged in small box similar to Micro-Kit Machine.    L-08 Blue Gun came with Laser Edison and L-09 Purple Sword comes with Laser Zed-Arthur.   Each Micro Boy requires 2 AAA battery to operate the photoelectric gimmicks.  By shining a light source into a small port on the bottom side of Micro Boy, one can trigger the panels to pop-up and reveal the hidden Armored Suit.  


Laser Edison Microman

Laser Edison Hyper Sack and weapon set : Magne Stag and Magne Shield.

Laser Zett-Arthur

Laser Zett-Arthur Hyper Sack and weapon set : Z-Caliber and Magne Shield

Both Zett-Arthur weapons and Edison weapons can be combine with previous Laser Microman weapon to form Super LED Gun and Shield.

L-08 Blue Gun (in armored suit mode) & L- 09 Purple Sword (in armored suit mode)

Micro Boys were the first Microman vehicles for the LED Powers Series.  They were Microman Armored Suits disguised as Game Boys. (Nintendo portable game unit)  At first glance, Micro Boy appears to be another Transformers type robot but with closer examination there were actually design as an Armored Suit or Powered Suit for Microman.   The toy is very well design and the joints were extremely tight.   The back which house the batteries compartment and a small motor made the unit a bit top heavy and small jolt would topple the unit thought it does posed and stand very well thanks to the tight joints.   In vehicle mode, Micro Boy still look very nice and have that futuristic sled-like look to it.  In Mission Control mode it look a little weak but still give a sense that Microman is sitting at a control module.  Takara included four small paper die-cuts that can be inserted into the fake LCD panel to simulated monitor screen.   Blue Gun and Purple Sword were identical in design but each had distinctive face design.

Each Micro Boy came with an exclusive Laser Microman.  Blue Gun came with Laser Edison who was missing the regular line-up.  His helmet has been redesign and look very futuristic.   Laser Edison comes with Magne Shield and Magne Stag weapons.  Purple Sword came with Laser Zett-Arthur which is Microman Arthur in his brother (Zett) outfit.  Zett-Arthur was dark purple color with gold head and pelvic instead of the usual silver chrome.   Laser Zett-Arthur comes with Z-Caliber and Magne Shield.  Each figure also come with a new energy backpack call Hyper Sack.   The new backpack was quite difference than the one that come with the first four Laser Microman.   The weapons can also be combined with the previous Laser Microman weapons to form a bigger weapon.

Micro Boy in various modes

Purple Sword in Speed Roader mode

Blue Gun in Mission Control Base mode

Blue Gun disguises as blue Game Boy